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With each new trailer I get more and more excited for Looper. It's not just the thrill of seeing new footage and looking forward to the performances by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, but also just the fact that each new preview delivers just a little bit more information about the science-fiction world that the movie has established and with each new detail that's revealed I'm left a little bit more impatient. And this new international trailer isn't helping at all:

While the sound editing is a bit strange - it's pretty obvious that they have arranged Gordon-Levitt's voice-over from different points in the movie - I love that this trailer really takes us through the step-by-step process of being a "looper" and even gives us our first really good look at the time machine that the mob uses to send marks back in time. Also, if you're wondering how Emily Blunt's character can levitate the lighter and spin it around, Looper's version of the future also includes people labeled TKs, or telekinetic. While it is a natural ability, those with the gift are typically not strong enough to do any kind of heavy lifting.

In other news related to the movie, a new viral campaign has launched online. If you head over to LooperNetwork.com you will be given the opportunity to enlist as a Looper yourself, choose a weapon and pick out a vehicle. After you've done on this you will be given a clock that will tell you the date and time of your first mission. Good luck!

Looper will be in theaters on September 28th. To see more from the movie head over to our Blend Film Database.

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