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The follow-up film from Tron: Legacy director Joe Kosinski, and featuring Tom Cruise in his first sci-fi role since War of the Worlds, next spring's Oblivion is looking like one of the most intriguing original stories of next year-- and now we're finally getting an idea of what it will look like. A trailer for the film, with Spanish subtitles and posted by the film's Colombian distributor, has popped up online; it's not the official American trailer, but it seems safe to assume we'll be seeing something very similar to this in theaters soon. Take a look below (via iTunes):

There's a ton of exposition to get through before any of the action can begin, but they set things up well enough that you're sufficiently surprised when Morgan Freeman's face emerges out of the gloom, and the stakes of the story change entirely. But you'll notice that they don't even give us a hint of what these alien creatures that took over the earth are all about-- presumably that's going to be a money shot they'll save for a later trailer, even though this seems to be more of a story about humans in a barren land than the alien creatures they're fighting against.

You may not recognize that British woman who Cruise is talking to back at the spaceship command center. That's Andrea Riseborough, a Brit (obviously) who has appeared in some small British films like Happy-Go-Lucky and Made in Dagenham, and somehow survived starring in Madonna's W.E. to snag this huge role in Oblivion. Based on how well Olivia Wilde did with her plucky Quorra in Tron: Legacy, I'm hoping for good things from Riseborough-- and for this movie to fulfill its sci-fi potential maybe a little better than Tron: Legacy did.

Oblivion comes to theaters April 19, 2013. To see the film's full synopsis and everything else you need to know, click here.

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