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I’d have to go back and double-check, but I’m fairly certain there’s one stunt-sequence moment in every single Jason Statham trailer that’s so ridiculously over-the-top that you just have to shake your head, grin, and admit, “Yeah, Statham, you got me. I’ll go see that on the big screen.”

For the latest Parker tease, the moment occurs when the actor shoots out the window of a speeding automobile, then dives out said window and lands on the pavement as the truck’s about to flip. Vintage Statham. See for yourself in the new clip, posted to IGN:

There are several reasons to be excited for Parker, a 2013 release. First, Taylor Hackford (Ray, An Officer and a Gentleman) directs, which I never could have guessed looking at the trailer … and I guess that’s a compliment? Second, Jennifer Lopez might be the best actress Statham has ever had to trade lines with. And the movie is being adapted from a series of winning novels by author Donald E. Westlake, and that bodes well for what sounds like a cliché-ridden screenplay (based on this tease). Then again, we could say the same thing about Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, and that isn’t getting spectacular reviews ahead of its release.

Parker has been teasing us with
posters and a shorter trailer, though this look finally gets us excited, in a Statham kind of way. Everything about this project is warning us off Parker, right down to the Jan. 25 release date - rarely good - but I’m willing to embrace the insanity of Statham, hoping Parker is worth a guilty watch.

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