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No matter how you decide to spend the sappiest and most commercialized holiday this side of Christmas, everyone needs a break from flowers and hearts on Valentine's Day-- and this year, John McClane is coming to rescue you. Bruce Willis is back in character as the New York City cop constantly wandering into trouble in A Good Day To Die Hard, which comes with a perfectly cheeky February 14 release date and the addition of Jai Courtney as John's son, Jack. Since John McClane never actually seems to want to get into the trouble that finds him, Jack's work against terrorists in Russia makes for a perfect excuse to get Dad involved.

You can see a little bit more of what that trouble will involve in a new trailer for the film, which you can watch below or in HD over at Take a look.

I like that they've stuck with the bombastic "Ode to Joy" as the theme song for this movie, and that the emphasis on action-- which is the main reason most people will see it-- doesn't get in the way of the jokes. No, John McClane isn't exactly doing a lot of character development here, but that's not what we hope for from him. The main goal is for Courtney's character not to get too much of the spotlight, a common misstep made by franchises that are trying to phase out their older leading men. It didn't work in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, when Jeremy Renner would have stepped in over Tom Cruise, and it's unlikely to work here. As long as it's still John McClane's show, and the movie is as promising as this trailer seems, the Die Hard franchise might still have plenty of life left in it yet.

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