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John McClane doesn't go looking for trouble - trouble just has a way of finding John McClane. Bruce Willis' most iconic character has had to deal with and incredible number of screwed up and impossibly dangerous situations over the years, from running across broken glass barefoot to disabling a bomb with two jugs of water. So it's just a logical step that the latest installment of the Die Hard franchise wouldn't not just take McClane to Russia, but also have him deal with an endless number of explosions, car chases and even a trip to the radioactive land known as Chernobyl. And it's all chronicled in the film's latest featurette.

With A Good Day To Die Hard out in theaters next month, 20th Century Fox is continuing its marketing push with a brand new extended behind-the-scenes preview of the new action film. It doesn't have any kind of spoilers or story details, but if you want to see all of the huge action sequences for the first time only on a big screen then I might recommend switching to a different story. For the rest of you, check out the featurette below!

Directed by John Moore, A Good Day To Die Hard takes John McClane to Russia, where he once again finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Uncovering a terrorist plot against the United States, he suddenly finds himself reconnecting with his estranged son Jack - who is now a CIA agent - to try and save the world once again. The action flick will be in theaters on Valentine's Day ( a good dose of counter-programming) and you can head over to our Blend Film Database for stills, posters, trailers and more.

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