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He's flown into the Danger Zone. He's gone on four missions thought impossible. He's been a rock star, a Nazi, a vampire, and a samurai. Now Tom Cruise will be asked to save mankind in director Joseph Kosinski's follow-up to Tron: Legacy, a sci-fi thriller called Oblivion.

Based on the comic book penned by Kosinski and Arvid Nelson, Oblivion is set in a far and dystopian future, and centers on Jack Harper (Cruise), a court marshaled veteran turned repairman stationed on what remains of Earth. A place of ruins and death, Jack thinks he's alone on this world, save for his mission's partner, Victoria (Andrea Riseborough). But then he stumbles across a discovery that alters his perception and could change the fate of mankind forever. Check out the latest trailer below, courtesy of MSN Movies:

From the bombastic explosions to the slick spaceships and hovering killer robots, the special effects here look solid. And even in this brief glimpse into Oblivion we can see a clear distinction between the crisp, white and sanitized world Harper comes from and the grungy, dark, underground one he discovers. Morgan Freeman plays the Morpheus (a la Matrix) role here, introducing Harper to the disturbing reality he's been itching to remember. There's plenty of intrigue in the mix, and as the comic's co-creator, one of the film's screenwriters and its director, its execution rests almost solely on Kosinski's shoulders. Can he pull it off? We'll find out when Oblivion rolls into theaters on April 19th, 2013.

For more on the movie, including a gallery of images, trailers, and its full plot synopsis, click here.

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