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Those Kevin Smith fans hopeful and anticipating the writer/director's third installment of the Clerks story will be happy to know that Smith has begun writing Clerks III. Smith notified his fans just moments ago that he began writing the third Clerks film at 4:20 in the morning today. Jay and Silent Bob would likely approve of Smith's choice in start-time.

Smith posted the following photo of the title page of Clerks III on his Facebook page today.

20 years ago today, we started shooting CLERKS.
20 years later, with no plan or provocation, I jumped out of bed at 4:20 this morning and started writing CLERKS III.
It's been like hanging out with old friends.
And after 2 hours of tapping the keys and giggling, I have come to a conclusion... CLERKS III will be the best film I'll ever make.

He refers to it as a film, so he's presumably drafting a movie script, however last month, Smith was quoted as saying he wanted to do Clerks 3 as a book first, telling a story in episodic chapters that would come before the sequel. Whether or not he still has plans to do that weren't mentioned in his post, but he does sound especially optimistic and excited to be revisiting the story of the characters who work at and linger around the New Jersey-set convenient store, the Quick Stop.

Clerks arrived in theaters on October 19, 1994 and starred Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Marilyn Ghigliotti, as well as Jason Mewes and Smith as Jay & Silent Bob respectively. More than a decade later, Clerks II brought the cast back together in 2006, adding Rosario Dawson to the mix. What will Clerks III bring, besides the end of this saga? Smith's apparently working on answering that question now.

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