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When it comes to action-filled crime dramas, Ryan Gosling is the go-to guy for bringing a hefty amount of critical opinions to projects. In the case of Nicolas Winding Refn’s simmering Drive, there was rarely a negative word spoken, while Ruben Fleischer’s flashy-but-empty Gangster Squad had a tougher time gaining approval from the masses. The trailer for his next film, The Place Beyond the Pines thankfully looks to be more Drive than Gangster.

StudioCanal UK released a new clip from the film, which is Gosling’s second collaboration with Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance, and it shows the pivotal “criminals planning their crime” scene that so often serves as a microcosm of the entire movie itself. Is it brilliantly organic like Ocrean’s Eleven or joylessly overwrought like Ocean’s Thirteen? Decide what you think below.

In my opinion, it’s neither, though the muted energy carried throughout by Gosling and Ben Mendelsohn intriguingly avoids all bombastic pretenses and lays out the simplified rules and stakes for a plan that will eventually change both men’s lives forever.

For the film, Mendelsohn plays a Robin, a mechanic who hires Gosling’s Luke, an ex-motorcycle stuntman, before deciding he can utilize some of Luke’s talents for robbing banks. Luke’s former lover Romina (Eva Mendes) recently gave birth to their child, and he’s caught between providing for his new family and staying out of the crosshairs of a rookie cop named Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper), who’s stuck in a department lorded over by a crooked detective (Ray Liotta). Cross has a family of his own, and his entanglements with Luke are the center of this story, which traverses a generation and follows how Cross and Luke’s sons, played by Emory Cohen and Dane DeHaan, have dealt with their fathers’ history.

It will be getting a limited theatrical release on March 29, 2013, but expect it to blaze a trail of motorcycle exhaust and dollar bills onto VOD and home releases soon after.

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