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Divergent fans have much to look forward to these days. The feature adaptation of the first novel in Veronica Roth's young adult dystopian trilogy is filming now and set to hit theaters next March. Meanwhile, the third and final book in the trilogy will hit shelves this fall. In fact, the cover for Book 3, titled Allegiant, is set to be unveiled on the Today show later this week. While Roth prepares to move the story forward with the final book, it sounds like Summit's preparing to move forward on the feature side, as they've tapped a writer for the adaptation of the second book in the series, Insurgent.

Deadline says Brian Duffield, who penned the script for the upcoming western-drama Jane Got a Gun, will write the adaptation of Roth's second Divergent novel.

The first book introduces us to Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley), a teen living in dystopian Chicago, where society has been broken up into five factions, which determine a person's way of life. (Vague book spoilers ahead) While Divergent focuses mainly on Tris' training as she chooses her faction and undergoes preparation and testing in order to find her place among her people, the second novel focuses on Tris' involvement a looming war, as certain people rally against some of the factions in an effort to gain control over this divided society.

Right now, it looks like Duffield's writing credit on the feature side is limited to Jane Got a Gun, which is being directed by Gavin O'Connor. Insurgent seems like it might be a challenging book to adapt, given its set-up, which has Tris traveling around the city trying to get answers and figure out who she can trust as society seems to crumble around her. Adapting the story for a film may be no easy task, but it's exciting to know that Summit is already looking toward bringing the second book to the big screen.

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