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This week The Great Gatsby is getting the kind of film adaptation that F. Scott Fitzgerald probably never could have imagined-- in 3D, set to a rap soundtrack, made up largely of images created inside computers. But before we see the new Gatsby this weekend, why not get a glimpse at the version that was actually made during Fitzgerald's lifetime? The trailer above is from the first-ever movie version of The Great Gatsby, made in 1926-- just a year after the book was published.

Like many silent films from the era, this version of Gatsby is believed to be lost, which means it's only this trailer that remains (how miraculous is it that we live in an era where the only remaining bit of a forgotten movie is just available at the click of a button?) But there's no lack of Gatsby adaptations out there, even if you're planning to steer clear of Luhrmann's 3D version-- there's the 1949 version with Alan Ladd, the famous 1974 version with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, and even a 2000 TV movie with Paul Rudd as Nick Carraway.

As for this weekend's edition, you can prepare by listening to the entire soundtrack online, or by revisiting Leonardo DiCaprio's many great moments of screaming on-screen. And if you're really psyched for it, you can enter our giveaway to outfit yourself in proper Gatsby style.

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