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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Poster

Today began with some really shocking and upsetting news. Tom Clancy, one of the most popular political thriller writers of the modern era, has died at the age of 66. One of the most impressive legacies of the author's long career was the number of books he wrote that wound up being adapted into feature films, many of them starring his most popular character: Jack Ryan. Sadly, Clancy didn't live long enough to see the theatrical release of the latest movie based on his work, but today - in what appears to be a very strange coincidence - today we have a new poster for the feature, courtesy of IGN UK.

In addition to featuring a crouching, gun-holding Chris Pine - who is the latest actor to take on the Ryan role - this design also reveals the movie's brand new title. Originally titled Moscow before being rebranded as Jack Ryan, now it appears that the official title for the film will be Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Perhaps Paramount Pictures saw how movies like John Carter and Jack Reacher underperformed and decided that naming a movie simply after its main character isn't the best marketing strategy (plus, now it's obvious how they can proceed title-wise when they decide to make a sequel).

This is actually the first time we've heard anything about the Clancy adaptation in months, but this won't be the last we hear about it this week. The first trailer for the movie is set to debut online this Thursday and we'll be sure to have it for you immediately after it premieres. For now, check out these previously-released stills for the movie that have come out in the last year:

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 1

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 2

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 3

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 4

Based on a screenplay by Adam Cozad, David Koepp, Anthony Peckham, and Steven Zaillian, the new film follows a young Jack Ryan as he moves from a career in the Marine Corps to working as a financial consultant to a Russia billionaire (Kenneth Branagh). When Ryan winds up being framed for a terrorist plot, he is forced to go on the run. In addition to playing the film's main villain, Branagh is also directing the film, and has a supporting cast that includes Kevin Costner, David Paymer and Keira Knightley. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit will be in theaters on Christmas Day and you can read about my time on the set of the film RIGHT HERE.

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