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Back when we watched the first trailer for Kimberly Pierce’s upcoming remake of Stephen King’s Carrie, we weren’t that impressed, as it was basically a glossed-up, Cliff-Noted version of Brian de Palma’s original adaptation. And over the course of the last few months, we’ve seen more trailers and posters and clips, and none of them have changed my mind to make me think that this remake wasn’t at least partly inspired by Gus Van Sant’s Psycho. The above clip is more of the same, sadly, but it does make me realize that while I can rant and rave about how inessential this remake is, I can’t really say it looks like a bad film.

The clip features mother dearest Margaret White (Julianne Moore) forcing daughter Carrie (Chloe Moretz) to get in the closet to pray for religious retribution. But nobody puts this telekinetic baby in a corner, and Carrie splits the door and makes the crucifix start bleeding. The door I get, but I don’t understand how being able to move things with the mind also gives you the power to create blood from nothing. But maybe that’s part of the mystery. The one part of the clip that really intrigued me was watching Margaret caress her possibly self-inflicted arm wounds. It’ll be interesting to see how those come into play.

If you want something more immersive than just a clip to watch, how about putting yourself in Carrie White’s shoes? You can’t literally get in her footwear, but you can download a new iPhone app that allows you to create your own prom stage GIF, which comes complete with pig blood that rains down onto your head. Classy!

And now for the really amazing video! Filmmaker Travis Betz (Lo) has made almost as many fans from his “Paper Shorts” series as he has from his actual features, and now he's turned to the Carrie trailer as his latest inspriation. It works so well that it’s disappointing the entire remake wasn’t originally designed to be made this way. I mean, I’m sure just the trailer took forever to put together, but it’s insanely well done. Hell, I would watch almost any remake on the planet if it were done in paper. “Yeah, we’re thinking about doing The Godfather over again. In paper.” Somebody call a producer!

Check out the paper trailer below, and catch Carrie in theaters on October 11th.

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