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Hooray for money! Lionsgate released it's fourth quarter earnings recently and revealed that for the second straight year, they've crossed the billion dollar mark. Lionsgate films accounted for 10% of the annual industry gross domestically, and surpassed ten figures both stateside and abroad. The total figure is $2.252 billion, which should increase as their top money-maker, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, continues to perform. Currently, it's the second biggest movie of the year.

The first Hunger Games grossed $691 million worldwide, but this year their latest offering of the tales of Panem is expected to finish over $800 million globally alone. After that, it seemed like everything else would be gravy, particularly with two more films in the series coming up. However, the studio also grabbed another success in Now You See Me, which pulled in $354 million globally. A sequel to that film is being planned, though to be honest, it seems like it's going to be a chore remembering all those gratuitous plot twists.

They also got a lot of traction from Instructions Not Included which became the highest grossing Spanish-language film of all-time with $85 million in collected receipts. Concert film Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain is also cited in the Lionsgate report, having grossed $32 million despite a modest release. Other successes for the studio include Escape Plan, which generated $122 million in global gross despite performing quietly in America, and Warm Bodies, which registered a quietly-effective $116 million.

Lionsgate remains in the Tyler Perry business, and Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor was the highest-grossing film by Perry that didn’t feature his signature Madea character. And while A Madea Christmas registered one of the lowest Perry openings, it’s sure to play strong through the holiday season. The studio also had mid-range successes with Snitch and Texas Chainsaw 3D, both of which came at a steep discount.

It wasn’t all booming success, however. This is still the studio that released the roundly-ignored The Big Wedding, a black eye that only grossed $21 million. And while overseas fans remained enthusiastic, the studio expected more out of Red 2 as it grossed $142 million. And while you’d have to ask Lionsgate accounting about this, the $110-budgeted Ender’s Game probably should have crossed nine figures by now. Next year, the studio returns with the third entries in the Hunger Games and Expendables, as well as I, Frankenstein, Divergent and Draft Day, so this could very easily be three years in a row of billion dollar grosses. Now would be a good time to make friends with a Lionsgate executive.

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