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Jack Ryan Keira Knightley

It may be winter time, but we’re gearing up for what looks like a potential summertime blockbuster in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Mega-movie stars in an action-packed spy thriller with franchise potential? Those usually drop into theaters between May and August. Having one on the docket for the snowy tundra of January feels like a late Christmas gift from Hollywood Claus. Ho, ho, thanks!

Over on the official Facebook page for the rebooted Jack Ryan, you’ll find character one-sheets for the supporting cast not named Chris Pine. The lovely Keira Knightley steps into the role of Jack’s supportive spouse, Cathy. As you can tell from the poster, she’s going to be an accomplice to whatever plan Ryan has to implement. She’s also going to be a weapon, which is clear in the trailer (I’ll post them below).

Ryan also has a new mentor in these prequel films. Kevin Costner plays William Harper, a veteran tied to both a desk and a field job who is testing young Jack Ryan to see how much the agent can handle. Here’s hoping that we get to see more than a little of Costner’s ass-kicking side when Shadow Recruit rolls out. Costner gets a one-sheet as well. Here it is:

Jack Ryan Kevin Costner

This will be the fifth movie based on the characters in Tom Clancy’s books, though the story in Shadow Recruit isn’t adapted from any specific Clancy novel. Instead, it will be a compilation of facts we know about the intelligent, brave CIA analyst as he begins to get his feet wet in covert missions. It’s a reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise, one that has laid dormant since Ben Affleck’s The Sum of All Fears in 2002. And if Paramount gets its way, it will be the first of many Jack Ryan movies to come.

Kenneth Branagh directs this new Jack Ryan movie, and also stars as the chief villain. He plays a Russian power monger planning to cripple the American economic system through a terrorist attack. The commercials claim that Shadow Recruit comes to us from "the director of Thor," in case any of those Marvel fans can be tricked into coming. I’m flat out hoping it’s an entertaining movie in its own right. We’ll find out soon enough. Here’s the latest trailer. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit opens everywhere on Jan. 17.

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