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Martin Scorsese is a busy man, as his directing and producing careers have him working pretty much non-stop. Yet with a new HBO show on the horizon, a documentary released last year on the New York Review of Books, and a lavish short film advertising a casino in Macau, the man has still been planning a new cinematic outing between the lines. How he finds the energy is beyond me, but if the recent flurry of creative output means he'll keep providing the world high class films, that's fine by me. Which is good news, because as of January 30th, Silence will be in front of cameras, much earlier than we had previously thought.

Variety broke the news that financing for the almost two decades in development picture had been secured, as well as distribution with Scorsese's recent partner in good standing, Paramount Pictures. No release date is set just yet, but it would be a real good guess that Silence will be in the can and ready for editing sometime in late spring/early summer, with a prime November/December release date being possible for the usual awards rush Scorsese pictures tend to join into gleefully. Previously the film was pegged for a November release date, but plans may have changed since the project itself has changed.

This news is received not too long after previous cast member Ken Watanabe had to, unfortunately, drop off of Silence's roster, due to his lead role in the Broadway revival of The King And I, but thankfully his role was re-cast with enough time to start shooting next week. Silence also stars Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, and Liam Neeson – all playing Jesuit priests in 17th century Japan, with Neeson disappearing, only for Garfield and Driver to be searching for him in a foreign land that isn't particularly friendly to Christians at the time.

There's nothing that screams excitement more than a director like Martin Scorsese jumping on board of a passion project he's been tirelessly working to bring to the big screen, and while Silence might sound a little dry up front, there's a good chance that this film will be anything but boring. After all, Scorsese has brought us films that cover subjects like the beginnings of cinema (Hugo), dirty stock market tactics (The Wolf Of Wall Street), and even psychiatric medicine (Shutter Island), each time using the right source material to tackle the subject in an enlightening, yet entertaining, manner.

Even more exciting is the fact that Silence sees Scorsese working with up and coming actors Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver, two actors who seem ready for the intense spotlight that's been thrust upon them, with prestige pictures and big budget franchises under their belts – something their co-star Liam Neeson could teach them a couple more things about. All of this raw talent, which also includes the Camp Scorsese return of Gangs Of New York writer Jay Cocks, can't help but make Silence seem like a film to make a lot of noise about.

Silence begins principal photography on January 30th, with no release date staked out just yet.

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