The news is out that audiences flocked to The Martian in droves this weekend, despite parts of the country being threatened with inclement weather. With a box office haul that almost upset Gravity's record setting October weekend two years ago, the story of Matt Damon and his fight against the Martian wilderness is something people are excited about.

But just what makes The Martian such a critical and financial darling? Why is this movie made by a director that's been hot or cold with fans, in a month that's usually reserved for dumping movies without tent pole appeal so damned entertaining? Well, there's 5 clear reasons that we feel The Martian is going to be on a lot of top 10 lists come this December.

It's One Of The Funniest Movies Out There
Both in Andy Weir's original novel, and in Drew Goddard's exemplary screenplay, Mark Watney is an incurable smart-ass. Apparently, he's not the only one in the universe of characters that inhabit The Martian, with plenty of the film's actors getting their own compliment of laughs throughout. All the while, the inherent drama of the film's story isn't robbed by its sense of humor, making the characters in the story feel more three dimensional.

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