Has Sir Ridley Scott really achieved his true potential? That feels like a bizarre statement to make when you’re talking about not only a knight of the British realm, but a director who redefined the sci-fi, horror and historical-epic genres with his impeccable choice of iconography and masterful storytelling talent.

There’s no denying the fact that Sir Ridley Scott is in a league of his own when it comes to hypnotically entrancing audiences with his ambition, choice of images, the pacing of narrative and his ability to coax career-defining performances from actors. His cannon of work, which consists of 22 films, already proves that he has made four of the most important movies in cinematic history. I just can’t help but feeling -- ever so slightly -- that there should have been more. To help you decide if I’m actually right or hideously wrong, we have collected what we believe to be Sir Ridley Scott’s 10 best films. And we ranked them. Would you agree? Should one be higher than another? And which ones did we leave out? Weigh in with a comment, and enjoy the list:

10. Prometheus
Was Prometheus ultimately a disappointment? In all honesty, yes. But, despite its tepid plot and weak characterisation, it still possessed a fervent cinematic audacity, visual grandeur and heartfelt performances by which you couldn’t help but be enchanted. Sir Ridley also proved that even in the midst of the mire he could still create immense thrills and new iconic sci-fi designs, that come through in what is a technically flawless movie.

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