If you're looking for a good time at the movies, The Martian is a steely eyed missile man of entertainment. With a nearly record breaking opening for the first weekend in October, the Ridley Scott directed / Drew Goddard written adaptation of Andy Weir's best-selling novel is pretty faithful to the text. But despite Mark Watney's smart-assed humor and scientific prowess still making the grade, along with the scores of other details most inferior adaptations would forget, there are still five major changes that the film adaptation has made. While these changes don't ruin The Martian at all, they are still big enough that they should be discussed.

The Opening
"I'm pretty much fucked." That's how Andy Weir opens Mark Watney's tale of survival on the Martian landscape, and it's a pretty effective opening for The Martian's trajectory in its text form. For the first 48 pages of the book, we get to know Mark's personality, cutting to the activity on Earth involving Vincent (originally Venkat) Kapoor and the rest of the NASA team's efforts to find Watney after the fact. Most importantly though, the events that lead to Watney's being stranded on Mars and the ARES III crew's escape aren't recalled until a flashback on page 132.

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