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The Problem With The Assassin's Creed Movie, According To Michael Fassbender

Many were hoping that the Assassin's Creed movie would be the one to move video games into the realm of comic books and novels as serious and viable source material. That hope was dashed once most actually saw the movie.

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The Snowman Trailer Is Creepy And Unnerving, Watch It Now

A new trailer for the upcoming psychological thriller The Snowman is absolutely bone-chilling. Check it out to see for yourself.

4 A-List Actors The Mummy's Director Wants To Add To The Dark Universe

Alex Kurtzman, The Mummy director and mastermind of the Dark Universe, already has some actors in mind he'd like to appear in this franchise.

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How Alien: Covenant Pulled Off Those Amazing Twin Michael Fassbender Scenes

Alien: Covenant is chock full of some awesome camera tricks, but the way in which Ridley Scott managed to get Michael Fassbender in two places at once -- on numerous occasions -- is truly fascinating.

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Two Major X-Men Characters Who Will Likely Be In The Dark Phoenix

Hutch Parker has been talking about The Dark Phoenix, teasing that it will include the return of some major X-Men characters.

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When Michael Fassbender May Return To The X-Men Series As Magneto

X-Men: Apocalypse could have served as Magneto's final appearance, but now there's word that Michael Fassbender could reprise the Master of Magnetism soon.

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Why Ridley Scott Makes Mysterious Alien Short Films Between His Alien Movies

CinemaBlend recently asked Ridley Scott why he makes those awesome viral short films to promote the release of his Alien movies. Here's what he had to say about the marketing strategy.

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Michael Fassbender Considered Trying To Break His Arm To Get Out Of Playing Steve Jobs

It's not an easy gig to play Steve Jobs. The man was certainly a complex human, often tough in relationships while capable of thinking outside-the-box when it came to design, product and image.

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Alien: Covenant Prologue Shows What Happened To Noomi Rapace After Prometheus

Because Alien: Covenant centers on a new ensemble of characters led by Katherine Waterston and Danny McBride, there has been question among fans about how exactly the upcoming film would go about addressing exactly what happened to Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw and Michael Fassbender's David.

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Michael Fassbender Reveals The Differences Between His Covenant and Prometheus Characters

Apparently, one creepy Michael Fassbender android just isn't enough for Alien: Covenant. Fassbender plays two android characters in the film but with very distinct personalities, according to the actor.

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Alien: Covenant CinemaCon Footage Reveals A Major Prometheus Connection

Alien: Covenant is a sequel to Prometheus, but it hasn't been exactly clear how the two films are connected. New footage for the film has screened, and it reveals at least one element from Prometheus in a gruesome sequence.

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How Noomi Rapace Might Actually Play Into Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant is only a little over two months away, but already we know so much about the film thanks to Ridley Scott's recent remarks. But we think we've discovered something he may not have meant to give away just yet concerning Noomi Rapace's character from Prometheus. Read on for our intriguing theory.

Creepy Alien: Covenant Video Reveals The Creation Of Michael Fassbender’s New Android

Audiences will be able to see Walter and David come face to face very soon, as Alien: Covenant is positioned to potentially be one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer. Here's a sneak peek.

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Why Michael Fassbender's David Will Be Behaving Differently In Alien: Covenant

In Ridley Scott's Prometheus, the defining characteristic of Michael Fassbender's David is arguably his curiosity in humanity. But that won't exactly be the same in Alien: Covenant.

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Alien: Covenant Prologue Lays The Movie's Groundwork With Partying And Good Conversation

Alien: Covenant has a special look into its latest cast of characters, and you can get a front row seat to the action inside. Just be sure you're prepared for something unexpected.

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X-Men Movies: Even Michael Fassbender’s Unsure What’s Next In The Series

Even Michael Fassbender isn't sure if he will ever don Magneto's helmet again in an X-Men film. Here's what he had to say.

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New Alien: Covenant Image Finds Michael Fassbender In An Unusual Setting

There's weird, there's Alien weird and then there's the photo that the official Twitter for Alien Covenant has released. Which is to say the latest look at Michael Fassbender in the next installment is pretty weird.

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The Star Wars Movie Michael Fassbender Was Asked To Join

As popular as the Star Wars franchise is, there have been plenty of instances where castings haven't worked out. For instance, Michael Fassbender was approached to appear in this entry.

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To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Assassin’s Creed Ticket

Is Assassin's Creed worth the 3D ticket money, or are you better off buying some DLC for the console entry of your choosing? To 3D or Not To 3D is here to game out the best course of action for your night at the movies!

Why Assassin’s Creed Avoided Using CGI As Much As Possible, According To Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender and the team behind Assassin's Creed made one big choice in order to differentiate the video-game from its genre peers.

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