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Why Netflix's Scrotal Recall Changed Its Name To Lovesick

Making even the smallest changes to an established show, like moving it to a new time or night of the week, can cause fans to lose interest or simply not remember to go looking for it. Well, those behind Netflix comedy Scrotal Recall did the unthinkable when they changed the title of the series to Lovesick. And, now, we know why it had to happen.

Why Netflix's CEO Isn't Bothered By Bright's Bad Reviews

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has addressed the negative reviews of Bright and explained why they don't bother him all that much.

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How Stranger Things Season 3 Is Changing Up The Plot

Director and producer Shawn Levy recently revealed some of Stranger Things 3's contents, and we should expect lots of changes.

Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Streaming In February

February arrives in a flash, and with a brand new line-up of Netflix delights. Take a look at what's to come, inside.

Netflix Apparently Lost A Ton Of Money Over Kevin Spacey

It sounds like the recent Kevin Spacey controversy may have caused Netflix to lose a ton of money. Here's what we know about the situation.

10 Awesome Netflix Original Series That Not Enough People Are Talking About

We all know Netflix's biggest hits, but here are a lot of less-discussed shows that are worth your attention.

Netflix Just Set An Incredible Record With Subscribers

Netflix is king when it comes to streaming video, and it just managed to set a new record that's pretty incredible.

Joel McHale Has A New Talk Show, This Time At Netflix

Joel McHale is getting back into the talk show game with a new series from Netflix.

Netflix And Iconic Chef David Chang Teamed Up For A Star-Studded New Food Show

Netflix has begun producing unscripted shows, and now it's got a new cooking shows, Ugly Delicious.

The Cord Cutter Podcast #34: Marvel In 2018

Welcome to the 34th edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! Sit down and strap yourselves in, because today we're going to go over everything that's coming from Marvel in 2018 whether it's streaming, film or TV shows. And, as you might imagine, there's a lot to cover!

Check Out A Brand New Trolls Song In This Exclusive Clip For Netflix's Spinoff Show

A new Trolls TV show is hitting Netflix soon, and we've got an exclusive first look at a brand new song.

The Big Problem With Binge Watching, According To The Office’s Rainn Wilson

While Rainn Wilson is glad people are binge watching The Office on Netflix, there is downside to the trend.

Stranger Things’ David Harbour Got A Trombone And Joined A Fan For Some Hilarious Senior Photos

Stranger Things' David Harbour recently joined a high school senior for her yearbook photos, and the resulting photographs are nothing less than glorious.

Netflix Is Teaming Up With NBC To Get People Pumped For The Winter Olympics

NBC is teaming up with Netflix to enhance the Olympic experience.

Netflix Isn't Coming To The Nintendo Switch Anytime Soon

One of the apps that gamers, netizens, and denizens of the streaming metaverse have been asking for is a Netflix app for the Nintendo Switch. It was one of the very first apps that many casual media enthusiasts asked for once the hybrid console launched, and it hasn't appeared yet. Well, it doesn't look like it's coming any time soon.

When Netflix May Start Working On Stranger Things Season 3, According To David Harbour

Fans are already clamoring for more episodes, and now we have an idea of when they could start filming.

How Netflix Has Made The Office Even Bigger, According To Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson seems to be aware how often The Office is binge watched on Netflix.

Netflix's Altered Carbon Trailer Is Full Of Sci-Fi Goodness

The new trailer for Altered Carbon is straight up eye candy.

BoJack Horseman May Soon Be Available To Watch Outside Of Netflix

Everybody's favorite former sitcom horse could be making his way to non-Netflix subscribers soon.

Home Entertainment Is On The Rise, And You Can Thank Streaming

People really like streaming services, and the cash they are shelling out on them is elevating the whole home entertainment industry.

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