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The “Father Of Pac-Man” Has Passed Away

Without Pac-Man it's tough to say where the game industry would be right now. Without Bandai Namco we know for a fact that the industry would not be as big as it is today. Well, sadly the man who founded the company that would go on to make Pac-Man has passed away at the ripe age of 91.

An 80s Arcade Classic Is Getting A Brand New 8-Bit Sequel

When a retro series returns after a long hiatus, it usually takes the form of a modern reboot or at least a spruced up homage with modern visuals, features, soundtrack, etc. That's not happening with an upcoming sequel to a beloved series from the 80's, and we couldn't be happier.

Somebody Is Remaking A Game That May Have Never Existed

There's an urban legend about an arcade game from the 1980s that may or may not have ever existed. However, now somebody who claims to have played it is going to make it real, again, I guess.

See The First New Image From The Mega Man TV Show

Every kid dreams of becoming their favorite video game character, which appears to be the hook of the new Mega Man animated series heading to the airwaves next year. The new show’s first image is also now available to clap your peepers on.

Starbreeze Studios Plans On Bringing A Different Kind Of Arcade To L.A.

The year of 2016 will go down in history as they year of virtual reality, that’s for sure. Now Starbreeze Studios, developer of games like The Darkness and PayDay 2, is planning on introducing a virtual reality arcade.

Tekken 7 Adds Street Fighter Villain Akuma

If you heard a loud squeal coming from the fighting section of the gaming community this morning, it's because Bandai Namco just made a surprise announcement for upcoming Tekken 7: legendary Street Fighter boss Akuma is going to be in the game.

Final Fantasy Brawler Shows Off Legendary Character

Dissidia Final Fantasy is just a couple of weeks away from finally launching in Japanese arcades, which means it’s time to get to know the roster of fighters a bit better. Square Enix and Koei Tecmo have decided to tackle that task in an orderly fashion, introducing the original Final Fantasy’s Warrior of Light in a brand new gameplay trailer.

Mega Man's Top 5 Robot Masters

Mega Man has battled nearly 100 Robot Masters in his numbered series alone, blasting his way through hordes of lowly minions to topple and absorb the power of his greatest foes. So that got us thinking; which of these diabolical contraptions are the best of the best?

Pac-Man's Greatest Players Are Coming Together With One Near Impossible Goal

The 256th level of Pac-Man is said to be absolutely impossible to beat. Four of the world's most talented arcade game players are looking to change that. The Twin Galaxies Pac-Man Kill Screen Challenge will be broadcast all around the world on this Saturday, July 25th at 5 p.m./8 p.m.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Announced

There are apparently only three things in this life that are certain: The sun is going to rise, the sun is going to set, and Arc System Works is going to bring out another BlazBlue game. The latest iteration of the fan favorite fighter has just been announced, and it’s called BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

Video Game Hall Of Fame Announces Its First Class

The first entries in the Video Game Hall of Fame have been announced, including six of the most influential pieces of virtual entertainment to ever keep players glued to the screen.

Tekken 7 Is Bringing Back Jack

Namco Bandai has announced another character for the ever-growing roster of Tekken 7, this time it's Jack, a long time pugilist who has undergone many, many transformations throughout the long running fighting game series. This newest iteration of Jack is appropriately named Jack 7.

Tekken 7 Trailer Reveals Yoshimitsu's New Look

Tekken 7 is gearing up to put a beatdown on fighting fans across the world this year and, if the latest gameplay trailer can serve as an indicator, some classic characters may be getting new look. Yoshimitsu, for instance, features 100 percent more tentacles.

Tekken 7 Character Gigas Announced With Trailer

Bandai Namco released a new trailer for Tekken 7. This time the trailer spotlights one of the new characters on the roster named Gigas. The character is a giant, muscle-bound grappler with a lot of pound-the-ground moves... literally.

Primal Rage II Gameplay Footage Finally Revealed

Primal Rage II is one of those rare canceled video games that has earned an almost legendary status. It was slated to be the follow-up to a beloved fighting game that featured mammoth dinosaurs. Other than an article or two hyping the production of the game in the mid-90's, however, Primal Rage II basically disappeared from the face of the Earth. Now, nearly 20 years following its cancellation, we're finally able to see what the game would have looked like in a newly released video showing off actual gameplay.

Hell Yeah: Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit Pimp It Up Trailer

Sega wants you to pimp it up in Hell Yeah: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit. The game is all about collecting mad loot, outfitting your undead rabbit with some sick gear and collecting some radical guns. The new trailer focuses on everything mentioned here in the opening paragraph and then some, giving gamers a good idea of what to expect from this over-the-top arcade title.

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Trailer Announces Three New Characters

At BlueFes 2012, Arc System Works unveiled a new fighting game called BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. Phantasma, the fifth game in the 2D fighter series, will make its arcade debut in winter 2012.

Dream Arcades Announces Dreamcade Kegerator With Over 145 Games

Dream Arcades recently announced that they have a brand new device available for enthusiast gamers and it's called the Dreamcade Kegerator, also nicknamed the "Inebriation Station".

Top Shot Arcade Coming To Nintendo Wii In March

Activision announced that a new multiplayer arcade shooter is headed to the Nintendo Wii this March called Top Shot Arcade, and reminding us why the Wii is still king of the party-games this generation.

Zombie Driver Gameplay Trailer: When Brains Meet Burnt Rubber

EXOR Studios released a new gameplay trailer of their upcoming zombie arcade title, Zombie Driver. It features various vehicles laying waste to hordes of zombies, filling the streets with splattered zombie brains.

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