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Home Alone's Uncle Frank And 9 Other Jerks From John Hughes Movies, Ranked

No one has ever written a jerk better than John Hughes.

All The National Lampoon's Vacation Movies, Ranked

It's a long way down the holiday road...

Say Anything And 9 Other Excellent 80s Movies On Hulu Right Now

'80s movies are all the rage these days, and Hulu has a great selection available right now.

James Bond And 7 Other Major Movie Franchises You Can Stream In Quarantine
Netflix's Futile And Stupid Gesture Trailer Explores National Lampoon's Beginnings

Check out the first trailer for A Futile and Stupid Gesture, Netflix's look at the origins of National Lampoon from the mind of the director of Wet Hot American Summer.

Movie News
10 Comedy Sequels That Are As Good As The Original

With Ride Along 2 set to come out this weekend, we’ve taken a peek back and picked out 10 funny Part Twos that actually have something to offer an audience that the original didn’t possess. Did you favorite make the list? Read on and find out!

See The Best Christmas Vacation Prank Of The Year

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is just popping up all over the news this year, with a 25th anniversary currently being celebrated by its fans. After the jump, see how fans in New Jersey chose to honor The Griswolds.

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Chevy Chase Doesn't Get Why People Compare Christmas Vacation To This Holiday Classic

Many would consider Christmas Vacation to be a holiday classic. But does it rank up there with It’s a Wonderful Life? Some may think so, but Chevy Chase isn’t among them. In fact, he doesn’t seem to see the sense in comparing the two films.

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How Juliette Lewis Threw Her Boyfriend Off The Christmas Vacation Set

If you're having a contest with friends to see how creative you can get with dumping someone, then read on to find out how Juliette Lewis did it during the filming of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It's still better than the Jelly of the Month club.

Movie News
How Johnny Galecki Cost The World A Great Christmas Vacation Scene

Jeremiah S. Chechik's Christmas Vacation has become a movie staple of the holiday season in the years since its release in 1989, and it's not hard to see why. As awesome and funny as it is, however, it could have been balanced by some nice dramatic sentimentality in the form of a heart-to-heart moment between Clark and his son, Rusty. And it's all Johnny Galecki's fault that they weren't.

Movie News
45 Important Lessons Christmas Movies Have Taught Us

For the seasoned holiday celebrator, there are many vital Christmas lessons that will eventually be learned over the years. Like not to wait until Christmas Eve to do your shopping, remember to keep the tree watered and if you have a cat, put the shiniest and most delicate ornaments out of paw's reach, if possible. Also avoid tinsel. If you have a cat, you know why. As it happens, movies are also chock full of learning lessons, especially Christmas movies...

Watch Clark, Ellen And Audrey Griswold Get Serenaded In Christmas Vacation-Themed Old Navy Ad

The last Christmas Vacation-themed Old Navy commercial put Audrey and Ellen in the background. In fact, their appearance was so brief, I wasn't even sure it was actually Juliette Lewis and Beverly D'Angelo playing them. Well, there's no mistaking the two Christmas Vacation stars in the latest commercial. Once again, Clark, Audrey and Ellen Griswold are helping Old Navy peddle their threads. And this time around, they have Johnny Mathis to provide some music.

Watch Chevy Chase As Clark Griswold In Christmas Vacation Inspired Old Navy Ad

Tis the season to be merry! ("That's my name!"). The holiday commercials have begun to air and among them, an Old Navy commercial that waxes nostalgic the Griswold way. No, not by accidentally locking itself in an attic and watching old videos. But rather, by featuring none other than Clark Griswold himself as he once again attempts to light up his house while surrounded by his family.

ABC Family's 25 Days Of Christmas Includes Harry Potter, Pixar, Home Alone 2 And Christmas Vacation

It’s almost that time of year again! As December approaches, ABC Family is prepared to bring back their annual 25 Days of Christmas countdown and as usual, it’s full of family fun and holiday cheer.

Why John Hughes Will Always Matter

Yesterday we lost John Hughes and the world will never be the same again. John Hughes was more than just another Hollywood filmmaker, he was the voice of an entire generation. John Hughes mattered

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