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Oz: 11 Actors You Forgot Were On The HBO Series

Wait, Bobby Cannavale was on Oz?

Sorry, Christian Bale, One Dark Knight Star Says Michael Keaton Was 'By Far' The Best Batman
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The Plot Of Human Centipede 3 Is Disgusting, Of Course

Details about The Human Centipede 3 have been kept under wraps, but now they've released an extensive plot summary, and it's every bit as gross and twisted as you expected.

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Eric Roberts' Quotes On The Human Centipede 3 Will Make You Throw Up A Little

Six has been claiming, as is suggested by the subtitle, that this will be the final chapter in his grotesque horror “trilogy.” He also said that the stars of the first two Human Centipede movies – Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey – will be featured in The Human Centipede III, but will NOT be playing the same characters. Such mystery!

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Troubled Half-Sister Of Julia Roberts Dies Of Suspected Drug Overdose

The thirty-seven-year-old half-sister of Julia and Eric Roberts was found dead inside her apartment in Los Angeles over the weekend. Authorities are conducting a full investigation in conjunction with the coroner’s office into what killed Nancy Motes, but early evidence is pointing to a drug overdose, at least according to the deceased’s family.

Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) Adds Eric Roberts To The Cast

The Human Centipede franchise has never really been about selling itself with recognizable acting talent. The series' most established actor is Dieter Laser, the German star who played the villainous Dr. Heiter in the first movie, but even he is really only established in his home country. So it's an interesting development that the third film has added an Academy Award-nominated performer.

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Bullet In The Face Preview: IFC Teases Eddie Izzard And Eric Roberts

On top of IFC's new comedies, Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! and a game show spoof called Bunk, the network still has Alan Spencer's Bullet In The Face scheduled for later this summer. The six-episode event from the Sledge Hammer! creator will air over two nights in August and follows a former thief forced undercover to take down the city's gang leaders. Eddie Izzard and Eric Roberts play the rival mob bosses and here's a brief look at both characters.

James Franco To Produce Abigail Spencer's Rom-Com Wrong Number

2012 is already shaping up to be Abigail Spencer's breakthrough year. The supporting actress, who has scored small roles in Cowboys and Aliens and This Means War, was just signed to star in Joss Whedon's soon-to-shoot supernatural romance In Your Eyes. And now THR has uncovered the will-be leading lady has also made the leap to screenwriter.

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Eric Roberts Dances For ABC Pilot

Did I see this coming after he played the heartless warlord in The Expendables or the shady mob baron in The Dark Knight? No. But that’s the thing about dance. It appeals to the heart

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