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Andrew Rannells: What To Watch Streaming If You Like The Book Of Mormon Star

From Prom to Invincible, Andrew Rannells has been in many of your favorite movies and shows.

10 All-Time Great TV Show Episodes Written By Women

Journey through these iconic moments in TV when women were behind its words.

What To Watch On Amazon Prime If You Love Romantic Comedies
Lena Dunham Is Super Happy She Gained 24 Pounds

Lena Dunham is very happy about her recent weight gain.

Apparently Peter Pan Helped Allison Williams Land Get Out

While Allison Williams is best known for playing Marnie in Girls, it turns out her role as the boy who never grew up got her a part in Get Out.

Movie News
7 TV Characters Whose Jobs Can't Possibly Support Their Lifestyles

Ever watch TV and wonder why you can't afford to live like some of your favorite characters? Don't feel bad, they can't afford them either.

Watch The Hilarious Golden Girls Parody From Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel did a fantastic Golden Girls spoof with the cast of HBO's Girls. Check it out.

8 Most Annoying Characters On Otherwise Great TV Shows

Even the best shows on TV have to suffer through some genuinely terrible characters. Here are some of the worst offenders.

The Bonkers Way Girls Kicked Off Its Final Season

In Girls fashion, tonight's premiere was full of cringe worthy moments and awkward sexual encounters, especially with Hannah Horvath. Read on!

17 Popular Shows That Are Ending In 2017

It's becoming more and more common for networks to cancel shows but to do it in a way that is less shocking than in previous years on TV. The best way to accomplish this is to cancel a series and then give it one more season to finish out the story.

The Major Sex Scene Even HBO Wasn't Comfortable With

HBO shows are usually jam packed with nudity and sex. But one scene made even HBO uncomfortable.

Rogue One's Riz Ahmed Already Landed Another TV Show That Will Premiere Soon

After his success in both Rogue One and HBO's The Night Of, Riz Ahmed is already heading back to the small screen. And he'll be there before you know it.

One Major Girls Actress Once Tried To Quit The Show

Shockingly, it turns out that one of the four titular girls actually tried to quit the show. Here's what happened.

Girls Is Definitely Ending, Get The Details

Season 5 of Girls is expected to hit the schedule in February of this year for 10 more episodes, but news broke this week that HBO’s half-hour comedy series Girls finally has an end date in sight. There is some light at the end of the tunnel for fans, however.

Watch Adam Driver's Hilarious Response To Whether The Force Awakens Will Be Better Than The Prequels

One of the soldiers asked the Girls star if Star Wars: The Force Awakens was going to be better than the prequels. His response was amazing.

Movie News
The Top 10 Worst Characters On TV, According To Fans

With so much great television on at the moment, you have to have some really captivating characters to differentiate yourself from the plethora of programming that’s available. While of course a series needs to have characters that the viewer really cares about, there’s perhaps an even more effective way of writing awesome characters. Namely: to make a character that’s a downright awful person.

Lena Dunham Doesn't Wear The Patch Over Her Vagina During Nude Scenes

Sex scenes aren't always comfortable for actors. For instance, most performers wear some kind of uncomfortable protective sheath around their genitals. Girls star Lena Dunham, however, ain’t got time for flesh-colored coverings.

The 10 Most Annoying Characters Of The 2014-2015 Season

As much as well-rounded characters can make otherwise non-outstanding shows watchable, annoying characters can easily break the best ones. We’ve rounded up the 10 most annoying characters of the 2014-2015 TV season, making this one of the most aggravation-fueled lists you’ll see this year.

Patton Oswalt Name Drops More Than 40 Shows During Rant About How Great TV Is Right Now

Patton Oswalt recently went on an epic Twitter rant to express his appreciation for what Television has to offer, dropping more than a few titles in the process.

The Ratings For Girls Are Starting To Get Pretty Ugly

While this past Sunday night had the entire country abuzz over Kanye’s Grammy antics and The Walking Dead’s intense midseason premiere, things were far, far more quiet for HBO, where Girls, Togetherness and Looking put up positively dismal numbers.

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