As much as well-rounded characters can make otherwise non-outstanding shows watchable, annoying characters can easily break the best ones. This past TV season has been no exception, with a lot of new faces cropping up to irk every last nerve, though there are still a few familiar faces that have been as irritating as ever.

As you might have guessed, we’ve rounded up the 10 most annoying characters of the 2014-2015 TV season, making this one of the most aggravation-fueled lists you’ll see this year. Of course, what gets our goats might not be the same thing that gets yours, and there are undeniably dozens more that could have made this list. So you might even see one of your favorite characters on here, and if that’s the case, we probably shouldn’t be watching TV in the same room together. Enjoy and look out for general spoilers throughout.

the walking dead
Father Gabriel (The Walking Dead)
When Seth Gilliam was cast as Walking Dead’s Father Gabriel Stokes for Season 5, it seemed like an excellent decision, and one that would make the priest a standout in Rick’s group. Instead, we got the whiniest version of the character imaginable, where his arc is motivated by regrets over letting his congregation get sacrificed. If he only had blame for himself, that would be one thing, but his true colors definitely showed up when he tattled on Rick & Co. to Deanna not long after the group arrived in Alexandria, later rubbing Bob and Tyreese’s deaths in to an emotionally fraught Sasha. This guy needs to drown in holy water.

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