The further away we get from the Golden Age of Television, the more butts, blood and four-letter words are taking over the airwaves. This has always been the case with premium cable networks like HBO, but some regular cable networks have been loosening the reins for years now, and we’re seemingly not far away from no holds barred television all over the dial. Except for CBS, probably.

While some people obviously have severe problems with nudity and violence on television, I revel in that kind of stuff. But it was still no easy task to put together the 10 most explicit TV series of 2014, because some of these shows’ filters seem to either be absent or clogged with hair and viscera. What a year, though. Enjoy!

Game of Thrones
Most Notorious For: Sex and violence

The King of Pirated TV is also in the royal family of Stuff That Kids Shouldn’t Watch. The violence isn’t always so graphic, especially during traditional sword fights, but when it goes there, it’s an eye-gougingly disgusting affair. As well, it seems like every other conversation held indoors is happening in front of female prostitutes putting an orgy together. Not to mention Cersei’s on again-on again love affair with Jamie, her brother, which is the center of an extremely uncomfortable confession. Did we mention patricide and purple corpse-faces?

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