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The Best '80s Movies And How To Watch Them

From Back to the Future to Ferris Bueller's Day Off and everything in between, these are the best '80 movies streaming.

New Mountain Dew Ad Brings Back The Gremlins And Now I Need That Third Movie ASAP
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13 Christmas Horror Movies To Watch For A Spooky Holiday Season

What creatures are stirring in these holiday horrors?

13 Great Horror Movies That Are Not That Scary

You can dim the lights a little darker and still feel somewhat safe with these.

6 Movie Marathons To Get You Through Halloween

Stay spooky with hours of Halloween movies to check based on what streaming service you're tuning into.

After Cobra Kai: 7 Other 80s Movies That Should Get A TV Show Sequel

Here are a few other '80s movies with sequel series potential.

Alita: Battle Angel And 15 Other Great Sci-Fi Options Streaming On HBO Max
Back To The Future’s Calvin Klein And 6 Other Movie Plot Holes That Really Aren’t Problematic

Sometimes what appears to be a mistake, really has a simple explanation.

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Back To The Future And 9 More ‘80s Roles Tom Holland Would Have Been Perfect For If Time Travel Worked
Ready Or Not And The Best Horror-Comedy Movies Ever

Ready or Not may just be the best horror-comedy movies of 2019, but is it the best the contradictory subgenre has to offer?

12 Holiday-Themed Movies That Aren't Technically Christmas Movies, Including Die Hard

The argument regarding Die Hard being a Christmas movie has incited countless bickering among families over a holiday meal. What if we told you that the action classic is just one of several Christmas movies that do not follow the usual seasonal traditions?

ReelBlend #85: Gremlins Director Joe Dante Talks The Film’s 35th Anniversary
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Gremlins Is Getting A TV Show, But Probably Not What Fans Are Expecting

The new Gremlins series sounds exciting, but probably different than what folks were expecting.

The 10 Most Thrilling Monster Movies Ever

Monster movies have been thrilling us almost since they started making movies. If you go back even into the silent film era, you will find monsters and things that go bump in the night scaring audiences. So, which are the best of all time? The list is tough to cull down, but we did, and we think you'll love 'em!

10 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In May 2019

You May want to take a look at this list.

A Gremlins Animated Series With Gizmo Is Reportedly In The Works

The classic '80s franchise is getting a new installment.

Gremlins And Terminator Actor Dick Miller Has Died At 90
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Gremlins Star Is Still Trying To Make Gremlins 3 Happen

What are the odds that Gremlins 3 graduates from social media pipe dream to full-blown production? I'd put it at 50/50.

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The Big Questions Gremlins 3 Will Ask, According To Chris Columbus

There have been two Gremlins movies, the original (a sweetly sinister Christmas thriller in 1984) and its sequel (a bizarre, high-concept failure that hit in 1990). They're both so wildly different in tone and execution that a third movie could have gone in any direction and fans, at the very least, would have remained curious.

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10 Awesome Throwback Movies To Show Your Kids If They Dig Monster Trucks

Did you and your kids enjoy Monster Trucks? Then there's a good chance you'll enjoy these classics, all available for home viewing. Take a look at the list inside, and prepare for a trip back in time!

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