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The Rock Says Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle Will Contain Nods To Star Wars And Indiana Jones

Get ready, Star Wars and Indiana Jones fans, because The Rock opened up during a set visit last year and admitted that Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle will include nods to both of those beloved franchises.

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What Makes Star Wars And Blade Runner So Special, According To Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has been involved in some major film franchises, and now he's revealed what's so remarkable about those properties.

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Which Indiana Jones Film Is Steven Spielberg's Least Favorite

Not all Indiana Jones films are created equal, and Steven Spielberg has finally admitted which entry in the franchise he dislikes most.

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One Important Lesson Wonder Woman Learned From The Indiana Jones Movies

Like Wonder Woman, both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade are both period pieces that take place during war time, and while Harrison Ford's Dr. Jones does indeed take lives when he has to, it's true that you never really explicitly think of him as a killer.

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6 Long-Running Franchises That Need To End For Good

Franchise films currently reign supreme in Hollywood, but these iconic series seriously just need to end already.

Conan O'Brien Once Joked To Harrison Ford About Playing Indiana Jones At 80

Harrison Ford will return to the role of Indiana Jones in 2020, and it seems that Conan O'Brien actually predicted this move.

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The Cool Way Star Wars Rebels Connected To Indiana Jones

Disney XD is the place to be for Star Wars action on the small screen, and the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels actually included a connection to Indiana Jones that was pretty fabulous.

Disney Extends IMAX Deal That Will Affect Indiana Jones 5, Star Wars, Marvel And More

Advancements in technology have made watching movies at home one of the simplest things in the world do. As such, theaters have had to come up with creative ways to keep people coming back to the cinema. One of the most popular ways is the massive Imax screen.

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One Big Way Indiana Jones 5 Will Be Different From The Previous Adventures

It turns out that Indiana Jones 5 has made one very big behind-the-scenes change from previous installments.

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Indiana Jones 5 Writer Reveals The Most Important Step When Developing An Indy Sequel

Indiana Jones 5's writer has figured out the most important step in developing a sequel. Which would be fine if he wasn't the same person who wrote _Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. _

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Watch: This Fan-Made Indiana Jones TV Series Trailer Is Perfect

A brand new fan-made trailer for an Indiana Jones cartoon completely captures the fun and adventurous spirit of the series. Check it out!

Disney Has Huge Plans For Indiana Jones, Get The Details

Don't expect Disney to just sit on Indiana Jones for much longer. The mouse house has big things in store in for everyone's favorite archeologist.

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Would J.J. Abrams Make An Indiana Jones Movie? Here's What He Tells Us

J.J. Abrams knows a thing or two about developing movie franchises. He made his directorial debut taking the helm of Mission: Impossible III, and has since helped bring both Star Trek and Star Wars back to the big screen as well. It begs the question what other notable properties he could eventually help reinvigorate.

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Will Indiana Jones 5 Lead To More Movies? Here’s What We Know

Long before Indiana Jones 5 was even added to Disney's release calendar, we knew the movie was coming. The studio always made it clear that they had plans to make more films with the property. Now, we have some information about what Disney wants to do moving forward. Sort of.

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The One Thing Steven Spielberg is Already Promising About Indiana Jones 5

With a new Indiana Jones movie in development, everybody is wondering what Steven Spielberg is planning for the aging archaeologist to do. While we don't know those answers yet, there is one thing we know we won't be seeing, and it's a bit of a shock.

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Why We'll Likely Never See Another Actor Playing Indiana Jones

While the news that Lucasfilm had wanted to continue the Indiana Jones franchise preceded the next film’s official announcement by several years, that information didn’t always contain the name of the series' lead actor.

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The Indiana Jones Actor Who Refused To Come Back For Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

While fans were excited for the return of their favorite adventuring archeologist in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, many fans were left disappointed in the film. Maybe it would have been better if one actor had returned.

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Disney Confirms An Indiana Jones Sequel, Again

Hey, do you remember that fifth Indiana Jones movie that people keep talking about but that has no real details or substance beyond the fact that it will probably happen at some point? Well, there’s big news…it’s still coming.

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How Steven Spielberg Feels About Someone Else Playing Indiana Jones

The future of the Indiana Jones franchise has been up in the air for years now, and Steven Spielberg has some pretty definite ideas about how the series should continue.

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How Harrison Ford Feels About Indiana Jones 5

Star Wars isn't going to be the only franchise from Harrison Ford's past that he revisits, and when talking about the prospect of Indiana Jones 5, the actor says he's totally down for more whip-wielding adventure.

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