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Of Course Robert Downey Jr Can't Be Serious In This Avengers Image

No trailer yet? That's alright, we have you covered in the meantime.

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Is Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan In Avengers: Infinity War? Here’s What He Said

With Happy Hogan returning to the MCU in Spider-Man: Homecoming, we've been wondering if he'll be showing up in Infinity War. And now we have an answer.

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Jon Favreau's The Lion King Remake Looks Like Every 1990s Kid's Dream Come True

The first footage from The Lion King remake finally screened at D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, and it's a perfect dose of nostalgia for anyone who grew up with the original.

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One Thing That Will Be Hard About Making The Lion King, According To Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau just explained why Simba's story is particularly terrifying to adapt for live-action.

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How Jon Favreau Felt When Cowboys And Aliens Flopped

Jon Favreau is wildly successful these days, but it wasn't so long ago that he made Cowboys & Aliens. Here's how he felt when that movie flopped.

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How The Animated Lion King’s Legacy Is Affecting The Live-Action Remake's Casting

Considering how iconic 1994's Lion King was, this remake certainly has a lot riding on it to be exceptional, but Favreau is making sure that in the midst of planning the new Lion King, they're keeping the original in mind in this way with casting.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Just Dropped Part Of Its Trailer And The New Suit Is Spectacular

Mr. Parker is heading to Washington. He's ALSO heading to Jimmy Kimmel Live. The full trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming will air on the late-night talk show on Thursday, Dec. 8, and in preparation, Sony and Marvel just dropped this tease, with the first look at his upgraded suit!

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How Happy Hogan Fits Into Spider-Man: Homecoming, According To Jon Favreau

I happened to hop on the phone with Jon Favreau in support of his movie The Jungle Book on the same day that footage from Spider-Man: Homecoming screened for comic book fans in Brazil. Chatter on Twitter suggested that Favreau had a big part to play in the Homecoming footage, so I asked him what Happy's role would be.

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Disney’s Live-Action Lion King Is Happening Sooner Than We Thought

A Jungle Book sequel was confirmed, and many believed it would be Jon Favreau's next film, as these movies don't come together quickly. Then, however, Disney dropped a second bombshell, announcing that Favreau would turn his attention to a live-action Lion King adaptation, as well. Which would come first?

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Wait, Sam Rockwell Could Have Played Tony Stark In Iron Man?

It turns out that Sam Rockwell once had the opportunity to potentially play Tony Stark in the original Iron Man. Get the details!

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Disney Is Doing A Live-Action Lion King Movie, Get The Details

Many wondered if Jon Favreau would rush into a Jungle Book sequel, seeing as how successful this first movie was. As it turns out, he has something different, and equally awesome, in mind.

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How Jon Favreau Feels About Acting In Spider-Man: Homecoming

Jon Favreau recently opened up regarding how he feels about playing Happy Hogan under Jon Watts' direction in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Another Classic Marvel Character Will Appear In Spider-Man: Homecoming

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown significantly over the last eight years, but figuratively speaking, it's still a small world. In Spider-Man: Homecoming's case, a classic Marvel character will finally return after years of absence.

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Will Jungle Book 2 Happen? One Star Certainly Hopes So

A sequel to this year's Jungle Book seems inevitable, but there's been no official announcement just yet. Find out which Jungle Book actor is definitely up to come back for round two.

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Will Jon Favreau Ever Direct Another Marvel Movie?

Considering that the first two Iron Man films were directed by Jon Favreau, and he was essentially the first director to lead the MCU, you’d think he would have returned for more directing projects as the Marvel world got bigger.

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Why Audiences Won't Get Tired Of Superhero Movies, According To Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau doesn't seem to believe in the notion that the cinematic superhero genre could eventually run out of steam and die.

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What Jon Favreau Loves About The Spider-Man Scenes In Captain America: Civil War

It seems like decades ago know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe began. They’ve accomplished so much that it’s difficult to believe that the first Iron Man movie was only released in 2008. Jon Favreau remembers, because he was there.

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How Jon Favreau Will Be Involved With Avengers: Infinity War

Jon Favreau has admitted that he's still involved in a very creative capacity with Marvel Studios. In fact, he's speaking to Avengers: Infinity War's director Joe and Anthony Russo on a daily basis.

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The Jungle Book Has Some Awesome And Obscure Disney References Buried In It

Over the decades, it’s possible no single company has been able to build its own fan base to the degree that that Disney has. They’ve been running for so many generations that now the people who became fans as children have grown up and become filmmakers in their own right.

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How Private Jets, Bill Murray And Smoked Brisket Helped Neel Sethi Prepare For The Jungle Book

It’s not exactly hard to see why most children will put “movie star” on their list of dream jobs. It’s a pretty glamorous gig that opens doors to all kinds of wild adventures and opportunities, not to mention gives you time with incredibly talented and famous individuals.

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