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Grey's Anatomy Vet Justin Chambers' New Godfather TV Show Celebrates Filming Start With Mood-Setting Video

Actor Justin Chambers will be taking on the role of legendary actor Marlon Brando, and we cannot wait to see it.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Justin Chambers Is Returning To TV For A Very Different Role

Justin Chambers is finally returning to TV after his shocking Grey's Anatomy exit.

What These Former Grey's Anatomy Stars Are Doing Now
Grey’s Anatomy Showrunner Finally Responds To Backlash Over Alex Karev’s Ending

Grey's Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff has some thoughts about fans' thoughts.

Grey's Anatomy Star 'Had So Many Feelings' About Justin Chambers' Exit As Alex Karev

Another Grey's Anatomy star opens up about Justin Chambers' exit from the show.

Really? Ellen Pompeo Thinks Grey's Anatomy Gave Justin Chambers' Alex Karev 'The Best Send Off'

Ellen Pompeo shares her thoughts on Alex Karev's final Grey's Anatomy storyline.

Grey's Anatomy Fans Are Livid Over How Justin Chambers' Alex Karev Left

Alex Karev is officially gone and the reason has been revealed. Fans aren't happy about it, though.

Grey's Anatomy: If Alex Karev Died, How Will Goodbye Episode Explain Final Text To Meredith?
When Grey’s Anatomy Will Give ‘Clarity’ About Alex Karev’s Fate
Why Are Grey's Anatomy Stars So Quiet About Justin Chambers' Exit As Alex Karev?

The main stars? Basically nothing. Producers? Crickets.

5 Ways Grey's Anatomy Could Write Out Alex Karev Without Killing Him Or Jolex
Grey's Anatomy Will Address Alex Karev's Absence In 2020 Return, But There's A Catch
Grey's Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo Reacts To Justin Chambers Leaving As Alex Karev

Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo finally spoke out about Justin Chambers' exit.

RIP Jolex? Shocked Grey's Anatomy Fans Wonder How Alex Karev Will Be Written Out

What about Jo? What about Meredith? Why didn't he get to say goodbye?!

Why Justin Chambers Left Grey's Anatomy After 15 Years

Justin Chambers is leaving Grey's Anatomy after a decade and a half as Alex Karev, and this is why.

Alex Looks Like Hell In Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Premiere Photos

Can you blame him? Season 15 left him in a terrible spot on two major fronts.

Grey's Anatomy Season 16 May Heal Alex's 'Wound That Keeps Repeating'

Here's hoping Jo and Alex get to actually be together and happy in Season 16.

Jessica Capshaw Just Showed Why Arizona Should Return To Grey's Anatomy

Grey Sloan could use Arizona's expertise right now!

Grey's Anatomy Becomes The Longest-Running Medical Show On TV This Week

Grey's Anatomy will pass ER's 331 episode count on February 28. And it's not even close to done.

Is Alex And DeLuca's Drama Really Finished On Grey's Anatomy? Here's What Justin Chambers Says

Grey's Anatomy finally brought Alex back into Grey Sloan Memorial tonight, but is the air really cleared between him and DeLuca?

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