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Grey's Anatomy Vet Justin Chambers' New Godfather TV Show Celebrates Filming Start With Mood-Setting Video

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As The Many Saints of Newark gets set to bring the world of HBO's The Sopranos to the big screen, Paramount+ is now full-speed ahead on bringing Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather to TV viewers in the form of its making-of limited series drama The Offer. Justin Chambers is set to star as Don Corleone himself, Marlon Brando, in his first big TV role following his exit from Grey's Anatomy as surgeon Alex Karev, and it sounds like fans might get to see him in action soon, as Paramount+ released the above video to mark the start The Offer's production. These are good days indeed for gangster fiction.

Though the promo above obviously can't offer any footage, considering it's only the beginning of principal photography, I don't think anyone could successfully argue against it being the perfect mood-setter to celebrate this major step forward. (The Godfather is known for its pitch-perfect opening, so this is fitting.) The video features the instantly familiar "Speak Softly, Love" theme from The Godfather, originally conceived by composer Nino Rota, who took home the Academy Award for his work on The Godfather Part II. It's also rocking the signature window-blinds shading, the muted tones, and the script page has the also immediately familiar title font. The only thing missing is a little film dialogue, and probably lots of gunshots.

I'm sure many Grey's Anatomy fans would love to see Justin Chambers return to ABC's medical drama, considering the controversial manner in which he left it, which is to say he didn't really have much of a farewell episode, as his exit was explained through letters and voiceover. But The Offer should provide the actor with a huge chance to deliver a performance that pulls him out from beneath the Grey's Anatomy umbrella for a spell, not that fans will ever stop bringing it up. But if you're gonna go big with a follow-up, you can't get much bigger than Brando. (Actor-wise, not weight-wise.)

Justin Chambers joined a cast that also includes Giovanni Ribisi, Jake Cannavale, Miles Teller, Juno Temple, Matthew Goode, Lou Ferrigno, Stephanie Koenig, Colin Hanks and many more. As created by Michael Tolkin, who also spearheaded the award-winning limited series Escape at Dannemora, The Offer is based on the real-life stories and experiences of Godfather producer Albert S. Ruddy, who went on to create Walker: Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris (though isn't involved with Jared Padalecki's reboot). Ruddy also wrote Cannonball Run II, but I suppose it won't do any good to start petitioning for a limited series adaptation of his stories about the Burt Reynolds sequel.

At this time, Paramount+ (opens in new tab) hasn't yet unveiled a general release window for The Offer, and future viewers probably shouldn't expect to hear anything on that front in the immediate future, but here's hoping we'll get some picture-perfect first looks at the costumes and sets before much longer. In the meantime, there are lots of other offerings on the 2021 Summer TV schedule to get invested in before Justin Chambers makes a viewing suggestion that you can't refuse.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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