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Joker’s Justin Theroux Addresses Rumor About Returning In The Sequel

Could Justin Theroux's Ethan Chase return in Joker 2?

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The Leftovers Star And Jen Aniston's Ex Justin Theroux Gets Called Out By Uncle For Pronouncing His Own Name Wrong
How The Mosquito Coast's Justin Theroux Feels About Harrison Ford's Performance In The Film Version

Justin Theroux spoke about Harrison Ford's performance in the film adaptation of The Mosquito Coast.

The Great Advice Jason Bateman Gave Justin Theroux When The Spotlight Was Turned On Him Thanks To Jennifer Aniston Relationship
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Justin Theroux Has Heard Your Jennifer Aniston Rumors, Shares His Own Take

The Mosquito Coast actor got honest about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

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On Jennifer Aniston’s Birthday, Ex Justin Theroux Continues Tradition Of Wishing Her Well

Justin Theroux is still sending sweet messages to Jennifer Aniston on her birthday.

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Bradley Cooper And 11 Other Actors You Probably Forgot Were In Sex And The City

Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not Sex and the City.

Lady And The Tramp’s Justin Theroux Is Having Candle-Lit Dinners With His Dog During Quarantine
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HBO's The Last Of Us Casting: 10 Actors Who Would Be Perfect To Play Joel And Ellie

With the acclaimed video game The Last of Us now becoming an HBO series, we've rounded up the perfect casting pool for Joel and Ellie.

Justin Theroux Originally Had A Bigger Role In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

In the theatrical cut of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Justin Theroux basically exists as an Easter egg -- making a super brief appearance that some fans rightfully only caught on second viewing.

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Justin Theroux Breaks Silence On Painless Break-Up From Jennifer Aniston

Justin Theroux has remained silent about his divorce from Jennifer Aniston for the better part of the year, but that changed during a recent interview with the Maniac star.

Justin Theroux Thinks He Has A Better Idea For A New Oscars Category

The Oscars has been a significant subject of controversy in the last couple of weeks thanks to their revelation about a new category celebrating "popular film."

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How Jennifer Aniston Feels About Being A Subject Of Celebrity Gossip

Jennifer Aniston offers her thoughts on being a constant fixture in the tabloid eye.

The Lady And The Tramp Remake Has Cast Its First Stars

The Lady and the Tramp remake will be among the first offerings on the Disney streaming service, and now the first actors for the project have been revealed.

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Justin Theroux Returns To Social Media After Split With Jennifer Aniston

Justin Theroux returned to Instagram over the weekend for a worthwhile cause.

Apparently Justin Theroux's Neighbor Is Team Jennifer Aniston
Justin Theroux Cancels Stephen Colbert Interview After Jennifer Aniston Break-Up

Justin Theroux is going through some things, but one of those things won't be his planned Late Show appearance.

One Reason Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux May Have Split Up

It's only been a few days since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux publicly announced they were splitting, and like a lot of defunct celebrity romances, the public is clamoring to know more

Looks Like Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Are Splitting Up

The Wanderlust co-stars are reportedly no longer an item.

Justin Theroux Is In Star Wars: The Last Jedi And His Costume Is The Weirdest

The Leftovers' Justin Theroux has been added to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and his outfit in the movie sounds a lot different from what we usually see the characters in this franchise wear.

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