How The Mosquito Coast's Justin Theroux Feels About Harrison Ford's Performance In The Film Version

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Apple TV+'s The Mosquito Coast is the latest big drama headed to the streaming platform and is adapted from the best-selling book by actor Justin Theroux's uncle Paul. Theroux will be the latest actor to portray his uncle's iconic character of Allie Fox on screen, but he won't be the first. Before Theroux, Harrison Ford portrayed the character in the film adaptation of the book released back in 1986.

I got a chance to speak to Justin Theroux ahead of the premiere of The Mosquito Coast and asked his thoughts on Ford's performance. Theroux, who had the advantage of being able to speak to his uncle frequently about the character during production, shared his thoughts on Harrison Ford's portrayal of Allie Fox and how the two are similar.

His portrayal of Allie Fox I think is unforgettable. He’s really excellent in that movie. And it’s that weird thing of where you’re trying to forget what he did so well. But at the same time, I think, and obviously I’m working with different materials altogether, the character’s the same, but what I’m doing in our story is different… I wouldn’t be surprised, and I haven’t really nor would I want to do any kind of side by side comparison, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we arrived just as actors in conclusion on the same things. It’s kind of a bit like you could see two actors play Hamlet, and I’m sure they’d be wildly different, but at the same time it is still Hamlet. You’re going to discover some similar things, perhaps cadence or things like that.

The different materials Justin Theroux mentioned are that Season 1 of The Mosquito Coast is a prequel to the events of the movie and even different from the book. For those reasons, audiences are given a vastly different starting point for both versions of the character, though Theroux teased that doesn't necessarily mean the two won't end up in the same place in terms of their performances.

Those familiar with The Mosquito Coast in any form are familiar with the general personality of Allie Fox. His ego brushed with a sometimes delusional optimism create a truly engaging character, albeit one that confused some audiences who saw the movie back then. Justin Theroux could create the same vibe in Season 1 of The Mosquito Coast, though in the scope of a different story.

In Apple TV+'s The Mosquito Coast, Allie Fox and his wife Margot take their children on the run in the name of protection but only find themselves in more danger as they progress. Things get more complicated as the season goes on, and it's said the family will come up against complications that present some moral questions along the way.

The Mosquito Coast premieres its first two episodes on Apple TV+ Friday, April 30. The series has been a subject of interest not just because it looks good but because of the fact Justin Theroux and his ex Jennifer Aniston now have shows on the same streaming service. For those eager for answers on what happened there, Theroux did recently open up about a popular rumor concerning the their split.

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