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Martin Scorsese’s Anticipated Silence Just Threw Its Hat Into The Oscar Race

Martin Scorsese's Silence is going to be released just in time for Christmas, which suggests that it will well and truly be in the hunt for Oscars just a few weeks later.

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A Video Game Movie Will Win An Oscar, According To Former Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO

Is it possible for a video game movie to win an Academy Award? According to former Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO Jean Julien Baronnet, the answer is a resounding "yes."

Watch Morgan Freeman Walk In, Grab Girl Scout Cookies And Walk Out At The Oscars

Morgan Freeman was only on the Oscar stage for around 30 seconds, but he still managed to nab himself some free cookies.

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2016 Best Picture Oscar Goes To Spotlight

Just when it looked as though The Revenant was about to take home all of the biggest awards at the 88th Academy Awards, Spotlight managed to swoop in and claim the final and, arguably, most important prize of the night as it picked up Best Picture.

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Those Swanky Oscar Gift Bags Have Triggered A Lawsuit, Get The Details

When it comes to the Academy Awards you can’t help but think of the lavish gowns and expensive jewelry that comes walking down the red carpet. That’s not the only place where money gets spent, however.

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 The Weird Place Kate Winslet Keeps Her Oscar

After the Academy Awards ceremony is done, and the coveted statuette heads back to the winner’s home, where does it go? Some actors have designated areas for their specialty awards, others aren’t fond of seeing it too often, and there are a few who keep it in strange places for very specific reasons. Among those actors is Kate Winslet, who keeps her Best Actress Oscar in a very weird place.

Emmy Winner Stabs Roommate After Argument Over How Many Oscars He'd Win

In one of the more WTF news stories to break this week, an Emmy-winning producer went a little too far after an argument with his roommate. And what makes the story even more ridiculous, is what the argument was all about.

Why Brokeback Mountain's Producer Thinks It Lost Best Picture

At the 78th Academy Awards ceremony in 2006 a movie about two closeted gay cowboys and their complex relationship in the American West was at center stage. But while the film continues to stand out as the most successful same-sex love story produced by Hollywood with high praise and critical acclaim, that year it lost out on one major prize, Best Picture.

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Why Natalie Portman Has No Idea Where Her Oscar Is

You hear stories of the unusual places where Academy Award winners keep their trophies, but one, Natalie Portman, has no idea where she left her Oscar.

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J.K. Simmons Originally Kept His Oscar In The Weirdest Place

You would think that if an actor were to receive an Academy Award they would treat it as a prize unlike any other. One can imagine an individual locking the trophy away in a clear Lucite case with a 40 number pin, while also prominently displaying it on a mantle in the showiest room of their home. Initially, however, J.K. Simmons didn't necessarily see it like that.

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Still Alice Trailer: Watch Julianne Moore Emerge As An Oscar Frontrunner

The general public hasn't had the opportunity to see the highly praised performance of Julianne Moore in Still Alice. That was, until now. Watch an exclusive trailer of the Oscar frontrunner.

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The Wolf Of Wall Street Will Work Its Way Onto Blu-ray In March

This week, Paramount Home Media Distribution has let fans in on when they can get their hands on Martin Scorsese’s latest, The Wolf of Wall Street. The movie is hitting Blu-ray and DVD on March 25. However, if you’re more of a digital copy sort of person, you can purchase the movie early, beginning on March 18.

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2012 Academy Awards Preview: Billy Crystal Poses With Oscar

The nominations are in for this years Academy Awards. Did your favorite films, actors and directors make the list? While we have a little over a month to work out our predictions for this years Oscar winners, there’s also Billy Crystal’s return to hosting the event to look forward to.

The Iron Lady Release Date Pushed To The End Of December

Those of you looking forward to witnessing Meryl Streep’s potentially Oscar-worthy portrayal of Margaret Thatcher will have to wait a bit longer than expected. Fortunately, the release date is just a few weeks later than what was originally expected.

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HBO Eyes Chris Cooper And Dianne Wiest For The Corrections

HBO recently hired Noah Baumbach to adapt Jand direct Jonathan Franzen's critically acclaimed novel The Corrections. Baumbach has a unique voice well suited to co-adapt the author's celebrated work, which won the National Book Award in 2001. The material already has a few failed adaptation attempts in its past, with producing giant Scott Rudin struggling with the novel for over a decade. However, he finally seems to be putting the right pieces in place.

House Of Lies Teaser: Showtime Series Starring Don Cheadle And Kristen Bell

Let's hope that Showtime's new 'comedy with balls,' House of Lies can navigate the world of Corporate America in a way that cuts through the bullshit and highlights the absurdity within the system. The new series, to debut early next year, has an impeccable cast and the first promo goes right to what hopefully is the tone of the show, just down and out silliness. You won't find many first looks this simple, but in its own way, it's pretty special.

Steve Martin Offers Oscar Hosting Advice To Eddie Murphy

Steve Martin always has that rare quality of finding the perfect tone. Hosting the Academy Awards has long been considered an honorable yet thankless chore. His letter perfectly embodies that disenfranchised spirit, while still keeping in mind not that many people are ever entrusted with the responsibility. The whole thing must be quite a source of both pride and frustration.

Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan Crosses $300 Million Mark At Global Box Office

Fox Searchlight has to be pleasantly surprised at the numbers this dark Oscar winner set in the world of competitive ballet has posted. Aronofsky’s $12-million Black Swan just pirouetted past the $305 million mark thanks to a strong opening over the weekend in Japan

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Did Bansky Finally Get Photographed?

Leading up to the Oscars, a fair bit of coverage was devoted to questions of whether reclusive artist and Exit Through The Gift Shop director Banksy would show up for the Academy Awards. At one point, there were even rumors he'd arrive in costume, but the ceremony came and went without sighting.

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Rant: Corey Haim Should Have Been In Oscar's In Memoriam Tribute

Shame on you, Academy Awards. It’s been almost a year since Corey Haim died. He went out with a whimper. Broke, addicted and cohabitating with his mother, the former child star had little in common at the end of his life with the fresh-faced boy

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