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The Best Kids Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now

Sometimes, you just need a fun kids movie to watch - here are some of the best on Netflix currently streaming.

The Best Family Movies On Netflix Right Now

Netflix movies the whole family can enjoy.

Isla Fisher: What To Watch On Streaming If You Like The Wedding Crashers Star
What To Watch On Streaming If You Like Johnny Depp

Try to see if you can recognize him in any of these

What To Watch On Amazon Prime With The Whole Family

Here are movies and shows currently available on Amazon Prime that you can watch and enjoy with your whole family!

Every Best Animated Feature Oscar Winner, Ranked From Worst To Best

The Academy Award for Best Animated Feature may be a relatively young prize, but the Oscar has gone to some incredible films. With that in mind, we ranked the 15 winners from worst to first.

Fraggle Rock Movie Gets Two Writers

One of my earliest TV-related memories is being allowed to stay up a little bit past bedtime to watch the series premiere of Fraggle Rock on HBO. The hugeness of getting an extension on bedtime for the sake of a TV show is likely the reason why I can vividly remember sitting in front of the television to watch a new type of Muppet show make its U.S. debut.

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Read All About Your 2012 Oscar Winners

As I’m sure you are aware, the Academy Awards were held tonight and some of the best movies of 2011 were awarded Oscars for their achievements. But the timespan between January 1st and December 31st is a long there are new movies being released every single weekend. As a result, there’s a good chance that a) you might not have seen every title that won an award tonight and/or b) you might have missed our coverage of said title. Well, you’re in luck.

The Top 10 Movies Of 2011: Eric's List

As both a film critic and reporter, I have to sit through a lot of terrible movies. This year I spent hours of my life watching movies like New Year's Eve, Spy Kids: All The Time in the World, Abduction and Waiting For Forever. But it's the good movies that make it all worth it, and this year there were some truly brilliant films in release. But among those great titles, what were my favorites? Well...

The 10 Best Movie Music Moments Of 2011

Much like 2010, this year was packed with not only amazing soundtracks, but also movies that knew how to use songs to perfect effect. From the synth sounds in Drive to the insanely happy tunes in The Muppets, this year in music moments made audiences feel unending joy and devastating sadness, but it all made for great times at the cinema.

Paramount Launches In-House Animation To Replace DreamWorks

Word is that DreamWorks is leaving to look for a better deal. That would leave Paramount Pictures without any animated movies, so they’re solving the problem with a sort of do it yourself attitude that’s worthy of admiration. They’re starting their own animation division.

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Rango's Blu-Ray Will Be The Better Purchase For Kids In July

There’s a certain faction of kids who are all over special features on a disc, especially if there is an interactive component. Dealing with a remote and processing information without parental guidance seems to be a way for kids to turn movie magic into a whole new experience. Disney’s been all over this since Blu-rays came to the forefront, but it seems as if Paramount is catching on.

Weekend Box Office: Rango Rocks, The 80s Don't

This weekend was a good one for cartoon chameleons, not so much for fans of the 80s. Computer animated Rango banked $38 million for an easy number one. While that's only a start against its $135 million budget, it's a far better turn out than that 80s movie enjoyed. Topher Grace's Take Me Home Tonight only managed to pull in $3.5 million officially giving it the lowest opening for a wide release film for the year so far. The debut was so weak, it didn't even make the top ten, opening at eleventh place just behind month-old Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

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Watch 6 Minutes Of Rango To Celebrate Its Release

If you’re trying to decide which movie you should go see tonight, look no further than this article. The kind folks over at Paramount were generous enough to release a six minute clip from today’s animated release Rango

Exclusive Interview: Rango Director Gore Verbinski

Reteaming the director with star Johnny Depp for the fourth time, the new film is Verbinski’s first venture into full-blown animation, but it fits him like a glove. As a piece of art, I make no hesitation in calling it one of the most beautiful animated films I have ever seen and it’s so incredibly bizarre that it keeps you engaged from beginning to end.

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Adjustment Bureau, Beastly, And Rango Reviews

The Academy Awards are tonight and we have a jam-packed Rotten Week full of old friends reuniting for new movies, a look back at the spectacle that was the 80's, dudes getting cursed with ugliness, Matt Damon fighting the man, and a lizard playing sheriff in the desert. Remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer.

Rango The Video Game Launch Trailer Released

As if secretly ashamed at their own title, EA coyly let loose the launch trailer for the upcoming movie-based family game, Rango: The Video Game.

Rango Rides In Another Rocking Clip

Last night we brought you three new clips from Rango, and because this movie is just too strange not to want more, now we’ve got another one. This clip has a far more musical vibe. It’s a longer look at the musical stylings of the all-bird band you may have seen in the trailer. They’re more than just a bunch of desert mariachi’s one of them really knows how to rock an electric guitar.

Watch 3 Clips From Rango

What does Rango have in common with the more terrible than anyone could have imagined road trip comedy Due Date? Jokes involving a dead father’s ashes. We have three clips from Rango for you below and yeah, at least one of them contains a joke about accidentally eating a dead relative’s ashes. The difference though, is that in Rango it’s just an aside, wheras Due Date that joke was literally just about the only thing it had going for it. The early buzz on Rango has been pretty good.

Super Bowl XLV Movie Trailers: Watch Them All Here

Maybe you were up getting more tortilla chips when the Captain America trailer played, or maybe you just want to see it again. We've got you covered

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