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Adapting Stephen King's Salem's Lot: How Does The Vampiric Terror Of 1979's TV Miniseries Hold Up?

Taking an in-depth look back at the first small screen Stephen King adaptation: Tobe Hooper's Salem's Lot.

Building The Ultimate Stephen King Collection: Every Book, Movie And TV Series A True King Fan Should Own

If you're looking to start building a Stephen King collection, let this be your first stop!

Great Stephen King Books To Read For Every Occasion

Stephen King has a lot of books. But where to start? Hopefully I can help.

Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot Movie Has Taken A Big Step Forward
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10 Stephen King Funko Pops We Can't Believe They Haven't Made Yet

Stephen King is one of the most prolific and popular writers of all time. So why don't his stories have more Funko Pops?

The Biggest Challenge In Adapting Stephen King Books, According To IT And 'Salem's Lot Writer
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Stephen King’s 'Salem’s Lot Is Finally Being Made Into A Movie, And James Wan’s Involved

One of Stephen King's earliest works is getting the big screen treatment for the first time.

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Upcoming Stephen King Movies, TV Miniseries And More

There are certain authors that Hollywood just can't get enough of, and one of those is Stephen King.

10 Stephen King Stories That Need To Be Re-Adapted

Stephen King's literary catalog is really popular right now, which means that some more remakes are probably heading to screens in our future. Here are ten projects we hope to see on the docket in the coming years.

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