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Oscar Snubs: Here's Who Should Be Furious This Morning

Who was crying into their Corn Flakes this morning instead of already practicing their acceptance speech? Find out with our 9 biggest Oscar 2017 snubs list.

Andrew Garfield Had A Strange Request Before Filming One Major Silence Scene With Liam Neeson

The following story will dive into mild spoilers for Martin Scorsese's latest, Silence, so please stop reading now if you have not yet seen the film.

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What Silence, And Working With Martin Scorsese, Taught Adam Driver About Faith And Conviction

I asked Driver how working with Scorsese -- and working with the legendary director on this film, in particular -- changed his feelings on faith and conviction.

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The Major Sacrifices Martin Scorsese Had To Make To Complete Silence

Even the living legend that is Martin Scorsese isn't beyond taking a pay cut for a passion project, which is exactly what he did for _Silence. _

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The 10 Best Movie Villains Of 2016, Ranked

2016 has been a pretty good year for baddies both on and off screen. Here are the 10 best movie villains of the past 12 months that were actually paid to be downright atrocious.

Why Andrew Garfield Had To Drop A Ton Of Weight Before Filming Silence

Getting ready for a role can often be one of the toughest parts of being an actor. Sometimes, this can mean spending countless hours in the gym to build the right physique. Other times, this can mean the opposite.

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Why Martin Scorsese Has Basically Stopped Watching New Movies

When you're as legendary as Martin Scorsese, the world of film can only hold so much of your interest. As such, modern film doesn't hold a lot of sway with the world famous director, and you can read why inside.

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The 4 Biggest Snubs From The 2017 Golden Globes Movie Nominations

The Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning, and film fans have a lot to be happy with. This has been a truly fantastic year for movies, and many of those great titles earned recognition from The Hollywood Foreign Press.

The Top 10 Movies Of 2016, According To AFI

The American Film Institute has officially announced its Top 10 films for 2016. Do you think your favorite made the cut?

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The 10 Best Movies Of 2016, According To The National Board Of Review

The National Board Of Review have revealed their 10 best films of 2016, and it includes quite a few surprises.

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Why Playing Spider-Man Broke Andrew Garfield's Heart

It likely will take years before Andrew Garfield separates himself from the shadow of Spider-Man.

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Where Martin Scorsese Plans To Hold His Silence World Premiere

The year 2016 will be coming to a close in just a few short weeks, but we're still waiting on the latest film from one of the greatest directors of all time.

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Martin Scorsese's Silence Trailer Is Intense And Chilling, Watch It Now

Martin Scorsese's Silence has been a movie cloaked in mystery. For months, we didn't even know when the master's latest drama would reach theaters. And from an awards perspective, it's one of the last shoes to drop as we wait to analyze all of the possible contenders.

Awards Blend: Our First Academy Awards 2017 Predictions In The Major Categories

While the bulk of our nation analyzes the results of last night's presidential election, we here at CinemaBlend turn our attention to something that's a little more our speed: The Race for the Oscars, or as I'd nicknaming it this year, "All of the films that are probably going to lose to La La Land."

The Reason Andrew Garfield Is Happy The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Didn’t Happen

Andrew Garfield has admitted that he's actually quite happy that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was cancelled, because it gave him the opportunity to work with two of the best directors in cinema.

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Martin Scorsese’s Anticipated Silence Just Threw Its Hat Into The Oscar Race

Martin Scorsese's Silence is going to be released just in time for Christmas, which suggests that it will well and truly be in the hunt for Oscars just a few weeks later.

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See How Much Weight Liam Neeson Lost For Martin Scorsese's Silence

It's no secret that many actors tend to seriously commit to their roles when working with director Martin Scorsese. Let's not forget that Robert De Niro famously gained 60 pounds for his part in Raging Bull.

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Martin Scorsese May Direct The Mike Tyson Biopic, Get The Details

Martin Scorsese might be directing the Mike Tyson biopic Jamie Foxx is starring in! Read on to find out what this could mean.

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Someone Died On The Set Of Martin Scorsese's New Movie Silence

Just yesterday, a terrible tragedy occurred on set of Martin Scorsese's upcoming film, Silence<, when a ceiling collapsed at the Chinese Culture and Movie Center during pre-production in Taiwan.

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Martin Scorsese Is Finally Making Silence, Get The Details

Martin Scorsese's long and winding road towards Silence is coming to an end, and we have the details on when the shooting will start.

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