Filmmaking isn't a competition. There shouldn't be any winners and losers. Instead, everyone should just be focused on making the best films they possibly can with the tools provided for them.

That's the usual train of thought. But Oscar nominations morning throws this entire rule book out of the window. Actors, actresses, producers, directors, writers, editors, and anyone else who is overlooked turn from gentle and contemplative individuals into rabid, furious egotists, that start cursing out their rivals, planning revenge, and asking the heavens why the world has been so cruel to them.

Today was no different. In fact, there were quite a few snubs that were hard to understand. Here's a rundown of the Oscar snubs that will have left people rightfully furious.


Really? I mean, what more does the superhero genre have to do to get Oscar recognition? Everybody and their great-grandmother loved Deadpool, and after gaining recognition at the Critics' Choice Movie, Writers Guild Of America, Producers Guild Of America, and Golden Globes it was thought that it would come away with at least a couple of nods at the 89th Academy Awards. Instead, it received zero. Which is a travesty.

Ryan Reynolds should have, in my opinion, been recognized ahead of Viggo Mortensen (Captain Fantastic) in the Best Actor category, while Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese can feel aggrieved at missing out on a Best Adapted Screenplay nod. There was even hope that it might sneak Best Director (Tim Miller) and Best Picture nominations, too. Still, there's always Deadpool 2.

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