There has been an awful lot of villainy in 2016, with every week seemingly bringing a new reason to feel a tiny bit depressed. But while that's hard to stomach in the real world, some people are actually paid to act downright atrocious for our enjoyment, and plenty did it splendidly on screen over the last 12 months.

We've seen evil animals; some of the best actors on God's green Earth being given the chance to strut their stuff as scoundrels; and the return of one of the most iconic screen villains in cinematic history. So all in all it has been a pretty good year for the baddies. To celebrate, here are the 10 best movie villains of 2016, ranked.

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains some major spoilers for a variety of films that were released in 2016. We're not happy about it either, but unfortunately it's kind of built into the nature of the list. If you get to a movie you haven't seen, please just skip to the next one!

10) Darth Vader (Rogue One)

Even if you had a problem with Darth Vader's brief dalliance with comedy in his first scene in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the finale saw him right back to his destructive best. In fact, Darth Vader boarding the Rebel command ship and working his way through a dozen soldiers with poetic precision was right up there with the most heinously swashbuckling antics we've ever seen from him. And it was utterly glorious. Even Darth Vader's first appearance in Rogue One was the perfect reminder that he is in constant agony, and if he'd been in more scenes then he'd almost certainly rank higher on this list.

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