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Jamie And Claire Can't Catch A Break In Tense New Outlander Season 4 Scene

A scene from Outlander Season 4 has been released by Starz, and it reveals Jamie and Claire in trouble yet again. Here's what happened.

The John Wick TV Show Has Found Its Home

Months after its initial announcement, the John Wick-inspired TV series has finally found a home for its fist-fighting and gun-toting action.

Why The Outlander Opening Credits Scene Is The Best On TV

There are a lot of things fans love about Starz's Outlander. However, there's one thing I personally love about Outlander that people don't really talk about that often

First Look At Outlander Season 4 Reveals A Whole New World For Claire And Jamie

Outlander just finished airing Season 3, and we already have a first look at Season 4. Check it out!

The Major Ways Outlander's Season Finale Sets Up Season 4

Outlander just aired the big finale of Season 3, and it was an intense episode that set the stage for the Season 4 in some huge ways.

Howards End Trailer: Check Out Hayley Atwell's Return To TV

Watch Haley Atwell class up your television screen in her return to TV in the BBC limited series, Howards End, coming soon to the United States.

How Outlander Brought A Long-Lost Character Back To Set The Stage For An Epic Finale

The latest episode of Outlander brought a long-lost character back into the mix in a plot twist that has set up a truly epic Season 3 finale next week. Here's how it happened.

American Gods Is Going Through Big Changes Behind The Scenes

One of the most highly-anticipated new series of 2017 was American Gods. The show has gone through some major changes behind the scenes.

Is Outlander Already Getting Renewed For Season 5 At Starz?

Outlander is currently still airing its third season on Starz, and a fourth has already been ordered. Could a Season 5 order be happening already? Here's what we know.

Wait, Did Outlander Just Reveal Claire Will Travel Through Time Again In Season 3?

Outlander started as the story of a 20th century woman being transported back to the 18th century, and she's traveled through time a couple more times since. Could Outlander be preparing to send her through time yet again?

New Outlander Photos Reveal Claire In The Aftermath Of That Big Cliffhanger

The last episode of Outlander ended on a killer cliffhanger that saw Claire taking a big leap of faith. Check out some photos that reveal just what happened to her in the aftermath.

Outlander Just Revealed A Deadly Secret From Jamie’s Past

Outlander has taken Jamie and Claire in some very unexpected directions in Season 3. Now, a deadly secret about Jamie has been revealed, and he's undoubtedly in a great deal of trouble.

How Outlander Stars Reacted To Episode Airing With Pornographic Captioning

The stars of Outlander shared their thoughts on the show's embarrassing captioning error.

Outlander Just Delivered A Whole New Set Of Problems For Claire And Jamie

Outlander just kicked off the next leg of Jamie and Claire's journey in the 18th century, and the latest episode delivered a whole bunch of brand new problems for the duo.

What That Bloody Outlander Reunion Means For The Rest Of Season 3

The latest episode of Outlander featured a reunion that got violent and bloody quite quickly, and it means some big changes for the rest of Season 3.

J.K. Simmons Looks Fantastic In Dual Roles For Starz's Crazy Crime Thriller Counterpart

Academy Award-winner J.K. Simmons is on his way to the small screen to play two characters in Starz's Counterpart, and the trailer points toward an epic performance.

Outlander Just Revealed Jamie's Big Secret, And It's A Doozy

Ever since Claire traveled back to the 18th century to reunite with Jamie, he's clearly been keeping a big secret. The latest episode revealed just what he's been hiding, and it's a big deal.

How That Big Outlander Reunion Set The Stage For The Rest Of Season 3

Outlander just delivered on a full reunion that fans have been waiting for, and the stage is now set for the rest of Season 3 is some exciting ways.

Outlander Just Cast Two Memorable Book Characters For Season 4

Outlander is already working on Season 4, and we know now that the show has cast a pair of unforgettable book characters with some pretty intriguing actors.

Why You Should Be Excited About Outlander's Next Episode

Outlander finally delivered the twist fans have been waiting for in the last episode. As it turns out, we have more than one big reason to be excited about the next episode.

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