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The Best Kids Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now

Sometimes, you just need a fun kids movie to watch - here are some of the best on Netflix currently streaming.

The Best Family Movies On Netflix Right Now

Netflix movies the whole family can enjoy.

Awesome New Art Shares What Disney Princesses Would Look Like Pregnant And As New Moms

These creative images give us a glimpse inside our favorite Disney Princesses' post-happily ever after lives.

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10 Great Animated Movies And TV Shows Centered On Black Characters, While We Wait For Soul

We may have to wait to see Soul, but there are plenty of great black-led animated films in the streaming world.

What To Stream If You Love Oprah Winfrey

YOU get an Oprah binge, and YOU get an Oprah binge, and YOU get an Oprah binge...

The Best Animated Movies On Netflix Right Now

Guess it's time to watch Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse for the 1,610th time...

Why Disneyland's Splash Mountain Redesign Should Mean An Even Bigger Change In The Park

The Changes to Splash Mountain could be only the beginning.

How The Princess And The Frog Actress Feels About Splash Mountain's Big Rebranding At Disneyland
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Splash Mountain: 5 Cool Ideas For Disney Parks To Replace The Song Of The South Theme

There are actually a few different fun idea for retheming the popular attraction.

10 Disney Movies Still Available To Stream On Netflix

You won't need a Disney+ account to watch these titles from the House of Mouse.

All Disney Princess Movies, Ranked

Which princess movie stands out the most? I investigate.

Disney’s Tiana Actress Responds To Ralph Breaks The Internet Animation Controversy

After Disney revealed the character would be reanimated for the movie, Anika Noni Rose finally spoke up about her thoughts, and how the situation went down from the inside.

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Every Walt Disney Animation Studios Feature, Ranked

80 years ago this weekend, Disney released its first animated feature film to the general public. It seems like as good a time as any to do something crazy, like try to rank every animated Disney movie.

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Some Of Your Favorite Disney Princesses Are Coming Back To Theaters

While Disney is having massive film success these days thanks to superheroes and Jedi, they owe a lot of their ability to provide those movies to the success of the succession of Disney Princess movies. Now, a few of them are coming back to theaters.

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The 10 Most Satisfying Disney Villain Deaths Of All-Time

One of the things that has made Disney animation great is the multitude of fantastic villains they've created over the years. Of course, the reason it's wonderful to have a great villain is that it's incredibly satisfying to see them defeated.

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10 Underrated Disney Animated Movies

Disney animation seems to go in cycles. You have the classic era that brought us Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the Disney Renaissance that brought us Beauty and the Beast, but there's also other times, when their work is viewed as less that spectacular.

Here's Why Your Favorite Disney Prince Would Make A Terrible Boyfriend

Thing all of those animated Disney princes are the ultimate dream-come-true for any single gal? Think again. The video below depicts classic Disney prince characters as they might be presented in our reality. In short: with a lot of baggage and quirkiness... to put it mildly...

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FlixWorthy Parties With A Shotgun-Wielding Hobo

Your guide to Netflix streaming is back, bringing you a handful of new or notable selections from Netflix's Instant Watch catalogue. This week we've got hobos toting shotguns, fractured fairy tales, dueling anthologies, and the good, bad, and ugly of low-budget science fiction.

The Princess And The Frog Comes Within Kissing Distance On March 16th

Disney dove back into traditional hand-drawn animation last month with The Princess and the Frog. Aside from trying to erase any lingering memories of Home on the Range, P&P broke new ground by featuring the first African-American Disney princess

Weekend Box Office - Leaps and Tackles Against Ethnic Barriers

It was a great weekend for race relations at the box office this weekend with three movies breaking some kind of ethnic barrier and banking the top three spots on the chart at the same time.

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