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Tom Cruise Is Finally Back To Filming Mission: Impossible 6

It's been a few weeks since Tom Cruise attempted a stunt on the set of Mission: Impossible 6 and totally injured his ankle in the process. But he's back.

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Jerry Bruckheimer Understands Top Gun 2 Needs To Be Good

Bruckheimer elaborated on why Top Gun 2 needs to not suck.

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How To Kill Tom Cruise Off Effectively, According To The Edge Of Tomorrow Director

Killing off the hero of a movie can be tricky. When that hero is Tom Cruise, it can get even trickier. However, Doug Liman seems to have a unique understanding of the proper way to kill Tom Cruise on screen.

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The Mistake In The American Made Script That Doug Liman Fought Hard To Remove

In the making of the new true-life drama American Made, director Doug Liman was equipped with a shockingly close relationship with the story that the film is based on.

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Watch Tom Cruise Rock His Comedy Skills On Awkward Conan Segment

Tom Cruise got into a car for an interview with Conan O'Brien to promote the upcoming release of American Made, and the results were completely and utterly hilarious.

One Big Change Tom Cruise Suggested For American Made

Tom Cruise is known in the industry as a very hands-on star -- one who doesn't just act in his movies but becomes a very active member of the creative team.

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Tom Cruise Had A Weird Reaction To Audience Criticism Of His American Made Character

Tom Cruise's principal brand is being the charismatic big screen hero -- but in recent years he has taken interesting steps to challenge that image.

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Director Doug Liman Opens Up About The American Made Crash Deaths

Director Doug Liman has finally opened up and addressed the tragic plane crash that claimed the lives of two American Made crew members. Here's what he had to say.

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Tom Cruise's American Made Co-Star Defends Safety On The Set

Amid the finger-pointing in the wake of the tragic deaths on the set of American Made, one Tom Cruise's co-stars has come forward to defend the production's safety precautions.

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Lawsuit Claims Tom Cruise Is Partially To Blame For Deaths While Filming American Made

While a lot of fans are excited about Tom Cruise and Doug Liman making Edge of Tomorrow 2, the actor and the director actually have another movie on the way, and it's been embroiled in a bit of controversy.

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Tom Cruise Just Answered All The Butt-Related Questions We Have

There were a lot of things I expected out of 2017, especially in the realm of weird political stuff, but one thing I did not expect to be writing about was Tom Cruise's butt. But here we are... again.

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How Tom Cruise Is Doing After His Injury, According To His Mummy Co-Star

It's been a few weeks since Tom Cruise injured himself on the Mission: Impossible 6 set, and his The Mummy costar, Courtney B. Vance, has an update on his condition.

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Danny Trejo Has Some Blunt Thoughts About Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts

In the time since Tom Cruise was injured, stunt safety has been on a lot of peoples' minds, and recently action star Danny Trejo got pretty blunt about stunts.

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Will Tom Cruise’s Injury Affect Top Gun 2? Here’s What Jerry Bruckheimer Says

Details about Top Gun 2 have been trickling in ever since Tom Cruise grinned and announced it would be coming---and filming soon---three months ago. But now there's an injury to deal with.

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Why Tom Cruise Signed On For His New Movie American Made

In his next film, Tom Cruise plays a drug smuggler-turned-CIA informant. Now, the three-time Academy Award nominee explains what drew him to his starring role in Doug Liman's American Made.

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Tom Cruise Invented Tropic Thunder's Les Grossman, Starting With 2 Hilarious Requests

When Tom Cruise agreed to play Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder, he made two strange requests about the character who ended up in the movie.

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We Can't Get Enough Of The Tom Cruise Fake Butt Theory

There's a theory going around the web that Tom Cruise wore a fake butt in one of his films, and it's currently one of our favorite things on the internet.

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The Biggest Winners And Losers Of The 2017 Summer Movie Season

With summer 2017 drawing to a close, here are the winners and losers of the last few months.

Why Tom Cruise Breaking His Ankle Isn't As Big Of A Disaster As You Might Think

Your main star breaking his ankle and putting production on hold for nine weeks would be good enough reason to make any director worried, but Christopher McQuarrie is used to pulling off the...impossible.

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What's Actually Going On With Mission: Impossible 6, According To Director Christopher McQuarrie

Mission: Impossible 6 director Christopher McQuarrie has provided an official update on what's happening with the movie following Tom Cruise's injury.

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