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Is Blizzard Working On A Warcraft Mobile Game?

Rumors are running rampant about some of the projects that Blizzard Entertainment is working on. One of the projects is rumored to be a mobile game that may be based around the Warcraft property. So how did rumors come to the conclusion that Blizzard is working on a _Warcraft _mobile game?

Is Warcraft 2 Happening? Here’s What The Director Said

Warcraft failed to impress over here in the states, but the film did gangbusters over in China. Is that enough to warrant a sequel? Director Duncan Jones reveals the current state of a Warcraft sequel.

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The 10 Most Pirated Movies In 2016

In the modern world, major blockbusters also mean major illegal download numbers, and the past twelve months were definitely no exception.

10 Films You Didn't Know Were Hits In 2016

You probably won't believe it, but the following 10 films were actually pretty successful at the box office. From micro budgeted successes, to international success stories, these films helped make 2016 more profitable than expected.

The 10 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2016

It's hard to ignore the negatives that accompanied the positives in 2016, so with just a few days left before 2017 kicks off, we've gathered the 10 most disappointing movies of the year.

Why Video Game Movies Still Haven't Figured It Out Yet

2016 was supposed to be the year that video game movies became viable sources for film adaptation. With the release of Assassin's Creed, it's official, that didn't happen.

Why Classic Warcraft Games Won't Be Getting Remastered

The original Warcraft trilogy goes down in history as one of the most popular collections of real-time strategy games ever made. They paved the way for what eventually evolved into World of Warcraft, the now ubiquitous MMO franchise. Well, some people have been wondering about Warcraft remasters.

Watch Warcraft Get Torn Apart In New Honest Trailer

The Warcraft movie made gigantic piles of money overseas but wasn't particularly loved by critics or fans over here. Now, let's take a look back at what worked, and what didn't in Warcraft.

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Why Warcraft Will Never Have A Director’s Cut, According To Duncan Jones

Director Duncan Jones has admitted that there will never be a director's cut of Warcraft, but his reasoning may surprise you.

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11 Awesome Films Heading To Video On Demand In September

September's almost here, and it's time to take a look at the films that'll be hitting your local Video On Demand services. Read on to see 11 flicks that can be watched in the comfort of your own home.

Will Warcraft 2 Actually Happen? Here’s What We Know

While North America did not get particularly excited about the Warcraft movie, overseas, especially in China, the box office went nuts. With the growing importance of China as a box office power, would that be enough to make a sequel happen?

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The Strange Reason Why Universal Is Being Sued Over Warcraft

Even movies that don't do so well aren't immune to getting sued. Find out the unusual reason why Universal is getting sued over Warcraft.

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Wow, These Warcraft Numbers Look Brutal In Its Second Weekend

Warcraft's opening box office was a very different story depending on which you country you were in. However, the numbers for the second weekend have much more in common. Wherever you are, the numbers are seriously down.

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A Journalist Walks Out On A Warcraft Interview, And Things Get Worse From There

There's a Warcraft interview online showing an awkward conversion between a journalist and director Duncan Jones, but things got worse even after it was over.

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8 Terrible Movies Chinese Audiences Loved For Some Reason‏

Despite being mauled critically in the US, Warcraft has thrived in China where it looks to be a serious threat to Furious 7's record box office haul in the country. But what other terrible Hollywood films have surprisingly succeeded in China? More than you'd think.

Warcraft 2: 6 Improvements We'd Love To See Them Make With The Sequel

The Warcraft movie had a lackluster opening in North America, however, overseas the film has been setting records. This means that a sequel is much more likely than we would have otherwise thought.

Why Jackie Chan Claims Warcraft’s Success In China Will Scare Americans

Warcraft took in about as much money as was expected on the domestic market this weekend, but boy did it kill at the international box office. That fact wasn't lost on Jackie Chan, in fact he thinks that the film's success overseas could be a force for change in Hollywood.

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Warcraft Has Made An Insane Amount Of Money In China, Get The Details

Warcraft may not be doing so well stateside, but orcs, wizards, and magical beasts seem to be a pretty good recipe for success over in China. The video game movie is proving to be mightier than an orcs roar overseas, so hit the jump to learn the numbers.

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To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Warcraft Ticket

The latest attempt by Hollywood to break the video-game hoodoo comes this weekend with the release of Warcraft. But should you be purchase a 3D or 2D ticket for Duncan Jones' blockbuster? Click inside to find out.

Warcraft Continues To Put Up Insane Numbers Overseas

If you thought the first day was impressive, you should just wait for day two. The first US audiences won't see the Warcraft movie until the preview screenings start this evening, but the movie has been out in several foreign markets for some time and if their success is any indication, this could be a big weekend for Duncan Jones.

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