Looking back, 2016 wasn't a complete mess of a year for movies. Many great award-contenders were released, Disney shattered a major record, there were a quite a few hits in the horror genre, the list goes on. That said, there were definitely quite a few disappointments as well, particularly during the summer season. Granted, that comes with the territory each year, but 2016 had a staggering number of duds.

It's hard to ignore the negatives that accompanied the positives in 2016, so with just a few days left before 2017 kicks off, we've gathered the 10 most disappointing movies of the year. Keep in mind that these aren't listed in any particular order, but they're the ones that had us shaking our heads with frustration most often due to untapped potential.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Comedies aren't the only types of movies that usually don't benefit from being given a sequel a decade or more later. Unlike its 1996 predecessor, Independence Day: Resurgence lacked a compelling story and characters to care about. Oh sure, it was great to see some familiar faces back, but most of the them were gone by the end, and the new folks just weren't worth caring about. We weren't expecting Independence Day: Resurgence to be a cinematic masterpiece worthy of Oscar buzz, but sadly, the overabundance of explosions and meaningful plot elements meant that it came out more stupid than enjoyable.

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