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Netflix's You Season 2 Left Penn Badgley Injured And A Bit Nauseous

You better brace yourself! Season 2 sounds intense!

You Showrunner Reveals The Season 1 Scene That Made Her The Most Nervous
Seth Rogen Has A Hard Time Doing Press For Bad Movies

No one wants to live in a world with a less than completely genuine Seth Rogen laugh either.

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Netflix's You Added A Chicago Fire Vet For Season 2

Want a Chicago Fire vet on Season 2 of the Netflix hit? “You” got it!

Netflix's You Casts An Unexpected Star For Season 2

You Season 2 just keeps getting more mysterious.

Netflix's You Adds A Gotham Star For Season 2

Gotham star to Netflix hit? You got it!

One You Star Will Be Seen A Lot More In Season 2

You just promoted a familiar face from Season 1 for Season 2.

Why You's Penn Badgley Says His Character Horrifies More Men Than Women

Penny Badgley has noticed more men being horrified by Joe on YOU than women and he is explaining why he thinks that is.

Why Are So Many You Fans In Love With Penn Badgley's Joe?

Believe it or not, there are quite a few people who think You's Joe is a dream guy.

Why You Is A Much Bigger Hit On Netflix Than Lifetime, According To Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley is speaking out on why YOU is an even greater hit on Netflix than Lifetime.

Penn Badgley's You Not Getting Season 2 At Lifetime, But It's Still Happening Elsewhere

You have not seen the last of the Penn Badgley-led series YOU thanks to a certain streaming platform.

Why Lifetime's Thriller You Should Be Everyone's New TV Obsession

Lifetime's YOU is worthy of being your next TV obsession and this is why.

Gossip Girl Vet Penn Badgley's New Show Looks Creepy And Spine-Tingling In First Trailer

Penn Badgley is back with a new series and YOU will be obsessed with it...

John Stamos Just Landed His Next TV Show, And It Sounds Pretty Creepy

John Stamos is joining another television series, and it sounds pretty dramatic and creepy.

Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley Just Landed His First Big TV Follow-Up

Penn Badgley was a big name on the CW scene for years as Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl. Now, he's poised to make a big return to TV with a brand new project

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