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The Shape of Water

This is the last official AwardsBlend podcast before we have actual, official, full-blown Oscar nominees to dissect -- and so, with that in mind, the boys spend time talking about who might be in, who might be left out, and WHY certain films or talent get left out of the Oscar race.

This is AwardsBlend, a regular podcast on the CinemaBlend podcast network that is hosted by Managing Director Sean O'Connell, Fox 5 Washington D.C. Entertainment Reporter Kevin McCarthy, and Fox 32 Chicago Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton. Sean and Kevin start off by talking about the Critics' Choice Awards, an event they were both able to attend (Jake was missed). From there, the show dives into the controversy swirling around a few current awards contenders, from James Franco of The Disaster Artist to the entirety of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Do bad headlines affect a movie or actor's awards chances? The boys discuss.

Oh, then they play a really fun game where they take an actual Best Picture winner from the past 10 years and strip away its win, handing the Oscar to the movie that really SHOULD have won in that year. Things get heated! You're going to want to hear it.

Listen to AwardsBlend #4 in its entirety below!

Next week, the Oscar nominations will be out, and Kevin, Jake and Sean will be back on the air to discuss the big categories, figuring out who made the Best Picture cut (and who didn't) and trying to make some shape of the race in its current form. Tune back in on Tuesday, January 23, at 5 pm EST / 2 pm PST for AwardsBlend #5. We hope to see you there!

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