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This week on ReelBlend, Sean is on a top secret assignment in London, but it doesn't stop the guys from getting together to discuss a wealth of topics, from the debut of Crazy Rich Asians and what it means for the industry, to a heartfelt Robin Williams #Blend game that's highlighted by junket stories the guys tell from their time interviewing the legendary comedian over the years. It's a special episode, and one we know you will enjoy!

Before they get to the success of Jon M. Chu's romantic comedy, Sean, Kevin and Jake delve into the rumor that Tom Cruise could be circling the role of Hal Jordan in a Green Lantern Corps movie. The guys spend time analyzing whether or not Cruise even NEEDS a superhero franchise at this point in his career, and they lament the fact that Cruise doesn't really challenge himself in real dramas anymore. Can he get back to doing that?

The guys even pick the Toronto International Film Festival movie that they are most looking forward to... and no, all three of them do NOT choose Damien Chazelle's First Man (though two of us do).

Robin Williams is Mrs. Doubtfire

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And finally, there's this week's #Blend game, which is dedicated to our favorite Robin Williams movies. The segment is as special as Williams was, so give it a listen.

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