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ReelBlend tends to be a celebration of all things cinematic. This week, it was a bit of an Irish wake. Yes, we celebrated. But we also mourned the passing of a titan. Stan "The Man" Lee left us, at the ripe old age of 95, and the ReelBlend guys talk at length about what he meant to us, and to our lives and careers, in this week's episode. Give it a listen!

ReelBlend is slowly transitioning back into AwardsBlend (shout out to our earliest listeners) as the Oscar season ramps up into full swing. To that end, the guys spend some time playing Rising/Falling, talking about how some Oscar contenders are climbing in the sphere of influence, and others are losing momentum.

On the screening front, Sean and Kevin went to NYC for a screening of Alfonso Cuaron's Roma, and Kevin has an amazing story about sneaking into an elevator car to ask Cuaron about the ping-pong ball scene in Children of Men.

Jake and Kevin, meanwhile, caught screenings of The Favourite and Creed II, and the guys discuss whether or not an awards campaign will mount for the latter (as Sylvester Stallone was pushed, hard, for the original Creed but ultimately fell short).

Stan "The Man" Lee

The conversation then fell to Stan Lee, whose impact will be felt for generations. Jake met him, and tells a great story. Kevin and Sean talk about how important Stan's contributions were to their lives.

The guys move on to reviews, discussing (in spoiler-free fashion) Widows and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. One is highly recommended, while the other is not. Can you guess?

And then they play this week's #Blend game, which was perfectly timed to the release of the Toy Story 4 teaser. The guys play #PixarBlend this week, and have very emotional picks.

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