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We’ve only got a couple of short weeks left in 2015. And, as is customary, lists are being compiled all over the place for the best, worst and most recognizable things of the year. The good folks at Google couldn’t help getting in on the action, and have put out lists of the most searched items for 2015. Here now is our list of the most bizarre common searches of the year.

10. How To Keep Puppy From Eating Poop
This question landed on Google's list of top 10 dog questions. And, well, isn’t this the eternal question? Any dog owner concerned with the health of their pet, and their own general well being (it can’t be easy to watch this or to try and stop it) is going to want to put a speedy end to this behavior.
9. How To Walk In Heels
If your only idea of what women like to wear comes from movies and TV shows, you’d think that fashionable women only wear stiletto heels everywhere and with everything. Let me drop some knowledge on you: a lot of women hate high heels. Also, a lot of women avoid them whenever possible, which, it turns out, is usually most of the time. And, if you hate heels and avoid wearing them, it’s no surprise that when you have to break out a pair, you might need a refresher course.
8. What To Wear To A Wedding In The Woods
It took me a while to figure this one out. Why would so many people suddenly need to know how to dress for a woodsy wedding? Well, in 2011, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen got married in the woods. Who’s that? Bella and Edward are the main couple from the Twilight films. And, right about now I figure, fans of the film are attending a lot of Twilight inspired weddings.
7. Natasha Leggero
I know what you’re asking yourself, “Who?” She’s an actress and comedian who’s been on a nice roll for the past couple of years, with parts in Suburgatory and Neighbors. What’s probably put her over the top, though, is her part on the Comedy Central show Another Period, an American parody of Downton Abbey.
6. Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews
There are indeed a lot of puzzles on this list. Until you get some additional details, anyway. Jenni Farley is Jersey Shore’s own JWoww, and, clearly, she still has fans.
5. How To Use Beard Balm
Beards are very hipster right now. And, if your hipster facial hair isn’t on point, how can you safely wear your bow ties and suspenders? Keep your beard game tight, guys.
4. Gary Busey
It’s unusual for someone so past his acting prime to end up on a popular search list, but here Gary Busey is. It’s no doubt that his appearance on the most recent season of Dancing with the Stars, where he spread his weird all over the place, is the reason for so many people looking him up.
3. How To Hit The Quan
Never discount the power of a runaway rap hit with a weird title that accompanies a pretty simple dance move with that same weird name.
2. Al Roker Selfies
Bizarre in general, but your selfies will get searched a lot when you get called out for taking one of them in the middle of a flooded town.
1. Math
And, the top bizarre search for 2015 is “Math”. That's in quotes because it wasn’t the actual most bizarre thing that was Googled, but, a possible prime example of how our educational system isn’t up to snuff was: What Is 0 Divided By 0? Really. Try not to laugh about that one while also crying.