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The Game and his fiancée Tiffney Cambridge were supposed to get married this weekend, but after some kind of fight, the wedding was called off. The rapper took to his Twitter account immediately afterwards to apologize to all the friends and family members the cancelation inconvenienced and in an incredibly classy move, take complete responsibility for what happened. Here’s a look at one of this tweets…
”The rumors are TRUE. The wedding is OFF. It's not her fault, it's mine ! She's a GREAT woman, I just wasn't man enough 2 see it through.”

Apparently, taking the high road turned out to be the right call because now the wedding is back on. According to TMZ, The Game and Tiffney have reconciled and have decided to follow through on their desire for more commitment and exchange vows sometime in August. There’s no word yet on whether everyone who made plans to travel from out of town for the first date will be able to attend the second, but for the moment, those flight plans can take a backseat.

The original wedding was scheduled to be recorded as part of a reality show deal, and that arrangement too is reportedly back on. So, if you’d like to get a look inside the ceremony, you should get a chance in a few months.

Pop Blend sends out its congratulations to The Game and Tiffney as they give it another go.

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